Woman staring at the Dolomites landscape from the top
Woman staring at the Dolomites landscape from the top

Our Self-Guided Adventures

Walking your own way

This is our preferred way to travel because it strikes a fantastic balance between a guided group tour and planning everything independently. You get all the support and convenience of a pre-arranged travel package without the time constraints imposed by group tours or tour guides.

You get to walk or cycle at your own pace while following our comprehensive documentation and using our customized app (which also works offline). Plus, we handle the logistics of transferring your luggage to the next hotel, so you can travel light. 

Walking on a path among green meadow and hills

You can pick your favorite itinerary and departure date, and we'll tailor the experience just for you. Curious to learn more about self-guided trips? Check out THIS ARTICLE on our blog.

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What's a Self-Guided Tour?

We can tell you all about it!

We have written an article to tell you all about self-guided tours and help you decide if you should choose it for your next holiday.

Check our BLOG POST.


A self-guided walking tour offers a unique and personalized way to explore a destination at your own pace. Here are some highlights of self-guided walking tours:


  • Personalized Pace: You can set your own pace, taking your time to explore points of interest without feeling rushed.
    Choose Your Route: Select specific attractions or neighborhoods that interest you the most.


  • Freedom to Explore: You have the freedom to deviate from the planned route and discover hidden gems or spontaneously change your itinerary.
    Customization: Tailor the tour to your interests, whether it's historical sites, local cuisine, or cultural experiences.


  • Budget-Friendly: Self-guided tours are often more affordable than guided tours, as you don't have to pay for a guide's services.

Local Interaction

  • Engage with Locals: With the flexibility to explore, you might find opportunities to interact with locals and get a more authentic experience.

Technology Integration

  • Digital Guides: Many self-guided tours utilize mobile apps, audio guides, or GPS navigation to provide information about points of interest along the way.

Personal Connection

  • Intimate Experience: Since you're not part of a large group, you can enjoy a more intimate and personal experience with the destination.

Time Management

  • Control Your Time: Spend as much or as little time as you want at each location without being bound by a strict schedule.

Health Benefits

  • Physical Activity: Walking is a great form of exercise, and a self-guided walking tour allows you to stay active while exploring a new place.

Photography Opportunities

  • Capture Moments: With the ability to go at your own pace, you can stop and take photographs whenever you encounter a picturesque scene.

Reduced Environmental Impact

  • Eco-Friendly: Walking is an environmentally friendly mode of transportation, contributing to sustainable travel practices.

Learning Experience

  • Educational: Many self-guided tours provide historical or cultural information about the sites you visit, offering a valuable learning experience.

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