Italy evocative Tuscan vegetative landscape
Italy evocative Tuscan vegetative landscape

Our Hiking Tours in Italy

There is a reason they call it "Il Bel Paese" - the Beautiful Country

Italy is our home, and what a wonderful home we have. We have walked our way across it and fell in love with its every book, its villages, and people; we now offer trips in nearly every region of Italy because we truly love them all.

Here are the popular Caminos and the itineraries we have crafted; from the well-known art cities to the hidden gems, we've got them all covered. Whether it's the North, the South, the Center, or the islands.

 the Mediterranean Sea in Italy viewed from Monterosso

Our approach is always unhurried, with unwavering support from our dedicated team and the incredible people we've encountered throughout our journeys - they epitomize the genuine splendor that the "bel paese" has to offer.



  • The variety of landscapes - from the Alpine Peaks to the crystal clear sea of Sardinia 
  • Long distance caminos, beautiful itineraries and mountain trails 
  • Food and wine: delicious specialties for each regions 
  • Dolomites and little known gems such as Val Maira 
  • Walks and trips in the beauty of Unesco Heritage Sites 
  • A great range of accommodation, from family-run inns to luxury wine retreats 

Get inspired

The Italian Cammini

The Ways to Rome
sunflower field on via francigena in italy

From Via Francigena - the Way to Rome, crossing seven Italian region in its 1000 km from Aosta Valley to Latium - to the St.Francis Way, from the Via degli Dei - from Bologna to Florence, not to be confused with the Path of the Gods on Amalfi Coast - to the Way to Matera, Italy is full of caminos for those who'd like to pilgrim their way through our bel paese.

Here is a list of all the Cammini we offer

Long Caminos: the ones to book now

Best hikes in one trip

Our itineraries, anywhere in Italy
manarola walking trail in cinque terre italy

If you are wondering our we create our itineraries - well, it's the simplest thing: we find and scout the best hikes for each area and put them together in one incredible journey. We have trips in almost every region of our beautiful country, from the coasts of Puglia to the peaks of Trentino Alto Adige; be it the vineyards of Piedmont or the hills of Chianti, you can explore every iconic Italian landscape on foot, and we are here to take you there.

Dolomites and mountain trips

To the mountains we go
village in the dolomites in italy with mountain landscape

We know that the Dolomites are among the first destinations our traveller want to visit - the iconic Unesco Heritage listed scenery of rugged, snow-capped peaks looks just too beautiful to be real, and yet it is. But we have several mountain trips to choose from - little-known, enchanting Val Maira; the Mont Blanc, an epic traverse; Chestnut Route, a wonderful option for families and beginners; and much more. </

Check our blog post about our mountain trips! 

Borghi and Art Cities

Highlights and gems
city of san gimignano in italy on via francigena

We have the art cities, of course, and all the Italian grandeur you have always dreamed of; but we also have the hidden gems, the undiscovered borghi and small-scale Italy we'd love for you to discover. Our walking itineraries run through all sort of beauty, from well known areas such as Cinque Terre and Amalfi Coast to villages not even Italians have ever heard of. 

Check our blog post with 8 undiscovered Italian borghi

Our tips to better experience Italy's most popular destinations 

Tailor-made trips

Italy, designed on you
walking trail in Puglia in Italy with ligthouse of Punta Palascia

Here at SloWays we are tailormade experts! We know our own country so well that playing mix and match to create a whole new holiday just for you is not just easy – it's actually one of our favorite things to do.

We may suggest that you combine two of the tours in our catalogue to achieve the perfect balance, add a few days at leisure after your hiking trip, or create something from scratch to match your criteria. High-speed, long-distance trains are perfect to connect distant regions - we will always encourage you to take advantage of the frequent, easy-to-book public transportation our country has to offer.

What's a self-guided tour?

Italy, at your own pace
woman on a self-guided tour in Oropa Sanctuary, Italy

Most of our trips are self-guided, meaning you can enjoy them at your own pace, without a group or guide, but with our logistical support and detailed documentation to guide you at every step. We take care of your luggage to ensure you travel light, book your accommodations, and provide maps and a customized app.

Find out more in this article on our blog


Here is a list of all the regions in Italy

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best times to hike in Italy?

Italy is a year-round hiking destination. Different regions offer ideal conditions in different seasons, making it possible to enjoy hiking at any time of the year. For example, spring and autumn are perfect for central and southern regions, while summer is great for the Alps and northern areas.

What kind of landscapes can I expect on Italian hikes?

Expect a diverse range of landscapes: rolling hills and vineyards on the Via Francigena, rugged Apennine mountains on the Via degli Dei, and stunning coastal views on lesser-known trails. Italy's rich geographical diversity promises varied and picturesque hiking experiences.

Do I need to be an experienced hiker for these tours?

Not necessarily. We offer a range of tours suitable for different skill levels. Beginners can enjoy the more accessible paths like parts of the Via Francigena, while experienced hikers might prefer the challenges of the Via degli Dei or other less-traveled routes.

What type of accommodation is provided?

Most of our trips in Italy are self-guided, with accommodations ranging from charming bed and breakfasts to comfortable hotels, all providing private rooms and facilities. The type of accommodation varies depending on the region and the specific route.

How do I choose the right itinerary for me in Italy?

Consider your fitness level, the type of landscape you enjoy, and the cultural experiences you're looking for. Italy offers everything from mountainous treks to coastal walks and cultural journeys along ancient pilgrim routes. If you need assistance, our team is here to help you select the perfect itinerary.

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Nominee Best Specialist Tour Operator 2023
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