Dolomites, TMB & more - your Mountain Adventure for next Summer

Dolomites, TMB & more - your Mountain Adventure for next Summer

13 Oct 2023

With scorching temperatures still reigning across Italy, it might seem like this year's summer will never end. However, believe it or not, it's the perfect time to start planning for the next one.  
If you've been daydreaming about the UNESCO Heritage-listed Dolomites – those awe-inspiring peaks, lush green meadows, pristine alpine lakes, and cozy mountain huts – this is the time to turn those dreams into reality.

Booking now will ensure you have something wonderful to look forward to as you face the cold months ahead.  

Why should you book now? Accommodation availability is our top reason.

Some of the best hiking experiences can only be enjoyed by staying in a limited number of mountain huts, and these tend to fill up rapidly. This is especially true if you have your eye on a holiday with the option for private rooms – they tend to be the first to get booked, so securing one today would be a wise choice!  

It may be you are still not so sure about your ideal destination – maybe you feel Dolomites would be too challening for your skills and experience, or are travelling with your family and would love to opt for something beginner-friendly while still enjoying the mountain landscape. Or maybe you have been there, done that – know the Dolomites like the palm of your hand, and would love to explore different destinations or heading for a great mountain traverse on Europe’s highest mountain, Mount Blanc.   

In this case, let us fill you with thrilling inspiration – here are a few great Summer mountain destinations all over Italy to start dreaming (and book) now!   
Perhaps you're still unsure about your ideal destination. Maybe you feel that the Dolomites could be a bit challenging for your current skills and experience, or you're traveling with your family and prefer a beginner-friendly option while still savoring the beauty of the mountains. Alternatively, you might be a seasoned Dolomites explorer, looking to venture into new destinations or embark on an epic mountain traverse of Europe's highest peak, Mont Blanc.   
In any of these scenarios, allow us to ignite your imagination with some thrilling inspiration.

Below, we've curated a list of fantastic summer mountain destinations all across Italy that you can start dreaming about (and booking) right now!  

Dolomites, your own way  
 You've set your sights on the Dolomites – an excellent choice! But now, the question is: which itinerary will you select? 
Perhaps you dream of the classic hut-to-hut traverse. In that case, we highly recommend the Alta Via 1, an 8-day adventure designed for mountain enthusiasts. It unfolds with mesmerizing views of glaciers, ridges, and massifs, and you'll traverse wild, open spaces with jagged peaks set against the deep blue sky. This is a hut-to-hut journey, meaning you'll change accommodations every single day, allowing for no rest days. It's the perfect choice if you relish the refuge life and have experience with similar treks. 

Other trips offer a mix of hotels and huts, with more nights spent at the same hotels and loop treks that begin and end at the same location. While there's a trek planned for each day of the trip, the extra nights at the same accommodations permit well-deserved rest days, as you won't necessarily need to walk to reach your next refuge. These routes,  featuring wonders such as the Flat Stone plateau, the scenic Path of Bread, and the awe-inspiring view of the Marmolada glacier, are pilgrimages in search of the most breathtaking beauty amid towering rock formations and every shade of green. 
Val Badia is another fantastic choice, characterized by a harmonious blend of Italian, German, and Ladin cultures. This area offers a slightly less dramatic yet equally charming Dolomite scenery – greener and softer, which some find more welcoming, soothing, and serene. 

Last but not least, there's the Alta Via of Val Venosta, tracing its path from the source of the Adige River at Resia Pass and concluding in Merano. Along the way, you'll bask in the lush vegetation of Monte Sole and savor splendid panoramic vistas of the Ortler Mountain and its glacial beauty. 

Unveiling a Hidden Gem: Val Maira   
Val Maira is one of our favorite destinations and a place that lingers in the memory of those who choose to bypass the well-known names in favor of discovering this hidden gem.   

Situated on the border between Piedmont and France, Val Maira is a picturesque realm of "borgate" – typical stone villages that have been lovingly restored to maintain their original charm while welcoming tourists and new residents. Imagine pristine mountains, natural caves sculpted by water into the karst rock, and an unparalleled hospitality.   The region is steeped in Occitan culture, as its locals historically had stronger ties to France, which was more accessible than Italy. This influence is evident in the cuisine, the local dialect, and the architecture.   
In Val Maira, you won't encounter crowded hiking trails or bustling ski slopes. It remains a relatively undiscovered tourist destination, making it the ideal time to pay a visit.  

The Great Traverse: Tour du Mount Blanc   
As legendary as it sounds, this is the grand mountain adventure you've always dreamed of. Our CEO, Tullia, holds it close to her heart as one of her all-time favorite journeys – and she's explored nearly every corner of the globe!  
Affectionately known as TMB among mountain enthusiasts, this remarkable trek spans three nations: France, Italy, and Switzerland. It delves into the heights of Mont Blanc, one of the Seven Summits of the world and the highest peak in Europe. The hikes are simply glorious – envision lush, fairy-tale-like green pastures, charming mountain villages oozing with character, snow-capped peaks that reach the heavens, and a remarkable array of wildlife sharing your path.  
Given how fantastic it is, it's no surprise that accommodations in hotels and huts tend to fill up rapidly. That's why we strongly recommend booking well in advance. The hiking season stretches from June to September, with midsummer being the most popular (and crowded) period. If possible, consider visiting during the shoulder seasons in September or June.  
Finally, with over 32,000 feet of ascents and descents, this tour is tailored for skilled hikers with substantial mountain experience. While it's not technical, it presents a satisfying challenge that should be approached with intelligence and expertise.  
Discover Dolorama: A Gentle Trek through the Dolomites  
If you have a deep love for the mountains but aren't quite ready to tackle a demanding challenge, our top recommendation is to consider the Dolorama.  
We're still nestled in the heart of the Dolomites, so you can count on the same dreamy landscape with expansive vistas, lush meadows, glaciers, rugged ridges, and majestic massifs. The spellbinding views and comfortable mountain huts remain a guarantee. However, the Dolorama distinguishes itself as one of the most accessible multi-day hikes in the Dolomites, making it a perfect choice for families with teenagers or a group of friends.  

The trail predominantly comprises forest paths and hiking trails, boasting numerous observation points and several delightful surprises along the way. You'll encounter historical highlights like the prehistoric settlement site at Astmoos and the geological wonders of the Würzjoch ridge, where the traces of hundreds of millions of years of Earth's history are on display.  

Chestnut Route: a wonderful option for families and beginners 
This itinerary is nestled in the heart of South Tyrol, amidst centuries-old chestnut groves and verdant meadows. Located in the shadow of the Dolomites, this blessed territory is renowned for safeguarding the origins of some of Italy's finest wines.

We believe this itinerary is ideal for those who dream of conquering the lofty peaks and epic treks of the Dolomites but might want a bit more preparation.  
It's also a perfect choice if you're traveling with companions who are less experienced in mountain adventures. This multi-day trek offers a notably gentler challenge compared to the other journeys discussed in this article. Nevertheless, it still offers a wealth of breathtaking Dolomite views and the enchanting beauty of medieval villages like Chiusa – a haven for poets and artists. 

 And not to forget the bustling city of Bolzano – a bilingual gem known for its lush greenery and a charming historical center adorned with lively market stalls and pastel-colored townhouses. 


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