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Sunny, Mediterranean, diverse, and full of surprises - Albania is much more than its tumultuous past, and we're here to unveil its wonders to you.

Despite its small size, this country boasts an impressive array of landscapes, from pristine beaches to rugged Alps, quaint mountain villages to the vibrant city of Tirana, and from deep green canyons and lakes to historic castles.

We've curated three distinct journeys to introduce you to the different facets of the land of the eagles: choose whether to stroll along the coast and white beaches, explore a charming hidden valley, or venture into the Alps for a breathtaking adventure.


All three are self-guided trips, but with extensive local support: you'll be welcomed in Tirana, assisted with private transfers and luggage transport, and most importantly, you'll experience the warm hospitality of Albanian families by staying in B&Bs, guesthouses, and small hotels.

Albania Hiking Tours Highlights

  • The Albanian Riviera and its enchanting beaches along the Ionian Sea
  • Lush nature, including Mediterranean scrub, pastures, and forests.
  • Rocky canyons with streams of crystal-clear water cutting through them like fjords
  • The majestic landscape of the Alps, dotted with villages and views stretching to the border with Montenegro.

Get Inspired: your Albania Walking Holiday

Along the Albanian coast

Enchanting in every season

While the Albanian Riviera draws summer crowds for its lively nightlife and enchanting beaches, autumn and spring are perfect for those wishing to enjoy this ideal blend of sea and mountains and explore its trails.

The scenery is unparalleled – the Ionian Sea and jagged cliffs, citrus groves and stretches of olive trees, peaceful stone villages, and inviting beaches, perfect for a refreshing dip at day's end.

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Discovering an enchanted valley

Among the wonders of Europe

A breathtaking valley, home to Europe's last untouched river; in spring, it blooms with wildflowers, striking against the snow-capped peaks; come autumn, harvest time paints everything in golden hues.

Cross ancient Ottoman stone bridges, uncover Orthodox churches, medieval frescoes, and lush nature, leading up to Gjirokastër, an ancient stone city that has preserved its timeless atmosphere, and Tirana, a modern and vibrant capital.

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In the Albanian Alps

An epic adventure in majestic beauty

Starting from the lively Shkodra, embark on a journey to one of the Balkans' most beloved destinations: along your path, encounter the limestone mountains of Valbona, the charming village of Nderlysaj, the icy waters of karst springs, and the warm Albanian hospitality.

This adventure, facilitated with private transfers and luggage transport, is designed for those eager to experience a true adventure.

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Albania Hiking FAQs

What's the best season to visit? 

The best time to visit and do these trips is late May to early October - but this may change depending on the single tour, please do check every single tour page to make sure you have all relevant information. 

What are the difficult ratings for these trips?

These trips are rated "Moderate" - A moderate tour includes either easier, medium-duration walks or harder, shorter walks. While experience is not necessary, it is desirable. Good health and reasonable fitness are more important. Some walking on loose underfoot, steep sections and occasional longer/harder days may be involved, still general conditions will be fair. A walking day is normally three to five hours and daily ascents will likely be around 300m to 700m, perhaps with an odd day ascending around 800m to 900m.

What level of accommodation should I expect? 

Accommodation is usually arranged in uncomplicated hotels (you won’t need to pack your suit or evening gown), guesthouses, (mountain) huts or bungalows. They are in style characteristic for the country and can sometimes be quite basic and simple (below Central European standards). We usually prefer a more authentic experience over comfort, as we believe that comfort isn’t the reason you’re visiting Albania. Still, you will be delighted and surprised by the warm Albanian hospitality.  For more details about specific accommodation for each tour, please refer to the specific page of the tour. 

How are the trails? 

ALL routes are generally safe, without direct danger of falling! The main travel routes between the mountain villages and valleys consist of so called bridle paths. They are used by donkeys and horses and are wider and less steep than the usual walking trails. In certain parts they are fortified with walls to protect them from erosion. Paths are rocky, gravely and in the higher areas you will encounter razor sharp rock, so please choose your footwear accordingly.

Sturdy ankle-high hiking boots are a must for mountain trails, in the lowlands more comfortable walking shoes can be used. Comfortable sandals are handy for the time spent at accommodation places and in transit, be aware that many cities feature cobble stone streets which can be very slippery. Again, refer to the specific page for the trip. 

Will I have local support? Are these tours self-guided? 

Yes, these tours are all self-guided but you'll have local support via our trusted local partner - including a welcome briefing, private transfers where necessary, and local phone support if necessary. Refer to specific tour pages to know more about the inclusions for each trip. 

Our Albania Walking Tours

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