Riomaggiore Village colorfull houses on a rock Cinque Terre
Riomaggiore Village colorfull houses on a rock Cinque Terre

Our Liguria & Cinque Terre Hiking Tours

Walking on the Love Paths of Liguria, In and Out of Cinque Terre

What makes the Cinque Terre so fascinating? Just imagine walking through vineyards and lemon groves, the air smelling of wildflowers and maritime pine, as you gaze at the multi-colored houses built on rugged cliffs above the bluest sea;

Or perhaps you can picture yourself strolling through the “budelli” of the coastal towns, the lively buzz of a piazza, the fresh fish and trofie pasta you eat at the taverna, fragrant with pine nuts and basil pesto. 

Nearby towns such as Portovenere and Levanto may not figure in this list but are just as beautiful, perfect for a couple of extra days on the coast. 

Top Trips

Cinque Terre and more

Blue sea and colorful houses
village of bonassola in liguria cinque terre

Our journey through the magical atmosphere of the Cinque Terre, with its colorful fishing villages dotting the Ligurian coast, is one of our most popular trips: a place that truly deserves its acclaim, one of those enchanted destinations you should visit in your lifetime to discover new shades of beauty among the vibrant colors of the houses and the crystal blue sea. But it's not just about the Cinque Terre - you'll also discover Bonassola, Portovenere, Deiva Marina, and other lesser-known gems.

Our trip in Cinque Terre

VIa Francigena in Liguria

Sarzana, a little gem
village of sarzana on via francigena in liguria fortress

The Via Francigena in Liguria is a brief but memorable part of the journey - it touches the region briefly, exiting Tuscany for a stage before heading into Versilia and on to the walls of Lucca. The Sarzana stage of the Via Francigena is a real gem: if you choose our journey from Pontremoli to Lucca, you'll get to visit its Baroque Cathedral and the Pieve di Sant'Andrea, before getting lost in the narrow streets of its historic center and ending up in spacious squares full of opportunities for a fantastic dinner.

The Via Francigena, from Pontremoli to Lucca

What's a self-guided tour?

Liguria, at your pace
girl walking on cinque terre walking trail

All our trips in Liguria are self-guided, meaning you can enjoy them at your own pace, without a group or guide, but with our logistical support and detailed documentation to guide you at every step. We take care of your luggage to ensure you travel light, book your accommodations, and provide maps and a customized app.

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  • Breathtaking Views: Discover unique coastal landscapes with sea views and picturesque colored villages, perfect for your photographic moments.
  • Coastal and Historical Trails: Walk along ancient trails through vineyards and the coastline, experiencing history and nature with every step.
  • Culture and Tradition: Dive into the rich Ligurian culture, tasting local specialties and uncovering ancient maritime traditions.
  • Diverse Routes: Choose from easy coastal paths or more challenging hillside trails, all offering spectacular views.

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