Castle on Via Francigena, in Switzerland
Castle on Via Francigena, in Switzerland

Our Hiking Tours in Switzerland

A land out of a Fairytale

Heaven on Earth: many would give Switzerland this definition. High peaks puncturing the bluest of skies, mountain villages as pretty as a picture, a spectacular nature that is fiercely and carefully protected, great food.

Anything an outdoor lover may possibly ask for. Switzerland is very close to Italy – but it seems to be a fairytale country. And a trip connecting the two countries is the best way to savor all the beautiful differences. 

View of Switzerland with village in the background

Via Francigena passes through Switzerland in its last section before entering Italy through the St. Bernard Pass; the climb towards the Pass has been mentioned by our travellers as "one of the most echanting hikes of their life"


  • Breathtaking Alpine landscapes with towering mountains and clear lakes.
  • Diverse, well-maintained trails for all hiking levels.
  • Rich cultural heritage, charming villages, and historic towns.
  • Warm Swiss hospitality with delicious local cuisine.

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Via Francigena in Switzerland

To the Great Saint Bernard Pass

We offer a segment of the Via Francigena trail that starts from Sainte-Croix and extends all the way to the Great St. Bernard Pass: a total of 12 days - or 9, if you start from Lausanne and its lake - to hike Via Francigena and the wonderful Swiss landscapes. This includes views of the mountains from Sainte-Croix, the Rhone Valley, and the first Alpine peaks, leading up to the pass where you'll take your first steps into Italy.

From Sainte-Croix to the Great St. Bernard Pass

Tour de Mont Blanc

One tour, three countries

A grand hiking adventure for mountain lovers: a walking holiday  spanning three countries - Switzerland, Italy, France - in pursuit of Europe's highest peak. This 11-day trip is tailored for the fit and adventurous, eager to immerse themselves in stunningly beautiful protected areas, paths strewn with wildflowers, and glaciers glistening in the sun. You'll also experience lush pastures, quaint mountain villages, snow-capped peaks, and an abundance of wildlife.

The Tour du Mont Blanc

Via Spluga

From Switzerland to Chiavenna

From Spluga to Chiavenna, passing by the beautiful Lake of Montespluga: this walking holiday connects Switzerland with Chiavenna, a mountain town renowned for its 'crotti' gastronomy and vibrant historic center.

And if you have a few extra days, it's just a short distance to Lake Como!

Our journey on the Via Spluga

Trekking Poles

A great help in the mountains

While hiking in Switzerland, we recommend using trekking poles - they're a great help for mountain trips, taking some of the weight off and assisting in both ascents and descents.

Some find them useful, others not so much - but it's important to understand their purpose and evaluate together if they're right for you.

Our blog post about trekking poles 

What's a self-guided tour?

Switzerland at your own pace

All our walking holidays in Switzerland are self-guided, meaning you can enjoy them at your own pace, without a group or guide, but with our logistical support and detailed documentation to guide you at every step. We take care of your luggage to ensure you travel light, book your accommodations, and provide maps and a customized app.

Find out more in this article on our blog

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best season for hiking in Switzerland?

The best time for hiking in Switzerland is typically from late spring to early autumn. During these months, you'll experience pleasant temperatures and the most stable weather conditions, ideal for hiking. However, the exact timing can vary based on altitude and specific regions.

What landscapes can I expect on Swiss hikes?

Switzerland's hikes offer a rich tapestry of landscapes. From the majestic Alpine peaks in regions like the Tour de Mont Blanc to the serene valleys and historic pathways of the Swiss Via Francigena and Via Spluga, you'll encounter picturesque scenery that varies from lush greenery to rocky terrains.

Do I need extensive hiking experience for these tours?

The level of experience required varies between tours. The Swiss Via Francigena and Via Spluga are generally more accessible to beginners or those with basic fitness levels. In contrast, the Tour de Mont Blanc is more suitable for seasoned hikers due to its challenging terrain and higher altitude.

What kind of accommodation is provided on these tours?

Our tours typically feature comfortable accommodations. Most routes offer private rooms with en suite bathrooms. However, on the Tour de Mont Blanc hike, you can expect shared rooms and toilet facilities, embracing a more communal and adventurous spirit.

Are the Swiss Via Francigena, Tour de Mont Blanc, and Via Spluga suitable for beginners?

The Swiss Via Francigena and Via Spluga are quite suitable for beginners or those new to long-distance hiking, offering manageable stages and well-marked trails. The Tour de Mont Blanc, known for its more rugged terrain and higher elevation, requires a higher level of fitness and hiking experience.

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