sunflower field on Camino de Santiago in Spain
sunflower field on Camino de Santiago in Spain

Our Hiking Tours in Spain

The Camino, the Wild, the Colorful and the Beautiful

Camino de Santiago has given Spain the reputation of most popular country to walk through – from the Mesetas to the Pyrenees, from the Portugese border to the Galicia, from the Cantabrian Sea to Pamplona.

But our walking holidays in Spain also include the Alpujarras, the wild and colorful Andalusian mountains; Tenerife and La Gomera, suspended between fire and earth with its rain forests and volcanic slopes; 

white village with white houses in Spain

The Canary islands, with their rugged cliffs plummeting into the Atlantic sea, almond trees and prickly pears, whitewashed villages dotted with palm trees and bouganvilleas. Hiking Camino de Santiago is not the only way to discover Spain! 


  • The Camino de Santiago, the most famous pilgrimage route in the world
  • A variety of landscapes, from the pristine beaches of Tenerife to the peaks of the Alpujarras, through Andalusia and the Pyrenees
  • Delicious Spanish tapas, shared to taste more specialties from the same region
  • The volcanic islands of Tenerife and La Gomera, fascinating and wild
  • The Primitive Way, perfect for experiencing the pilgrimage away from the crowds
  • Moorish villages and traces of Arab culture in Andalusia

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The Way to Santiago

The most famous camino

The most narrated, celebrated, and dreamt-about path: the Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago is undeniably the world's most famous pilgrimage route, immortalized in films, songs, and books. The most renowned part? Definitely hiking the last 100 km from Sarria to Santiago – the most coveted stretch because it earns you the 'testimonium,' a certificate of pilgrimage completion.

The Camino de Santiago, from Sarria to Santiago

Solo or with a Tour Operator?

Pros and cons

Should you embark on your hiking holiday alone or opt for a tour operator? Both approaches have their merits, but they differ significantly. It boils down to personal preference: some travelers relish meticulously planning every aspect of their trip, while others enjoy the freedom of making spontaneous choices on their vacation.

We've compiled a detailed comparison of the pros and cons of each option in an article, helping you determine the best fit for your travel style.

Check it out here!

Alpujarras, Unexpected Spain

Andalusia's wild side

In everyone's mind, Spain equals vibrant nightlife, sunshine, and fun. But if Barcelona, Madrid, or Ibiza aren't your thing and you're up for some new scenery, a walking holiday through the mountains of the Alpujarras, along the southwestern ridge of the Andalusian Sierra Nevada, is definitely for you. The charm of this Arabic legacy remains, here at the perfect elevation for a true alpine experience.

Join us for a journey to the Alpujarras

Tenerife and La Gomera

Green Heart, Volcanic Soul

Tenerife and La Gomera, both born from fire with their volcanic origins, present entirely different landscapes to explorers: Tenerife with its stark, moon-like terrain, and La Gomera with its lush, verdant valleys. This walking holiday introduces you to both, along with their unique ecosystems.

Our trip to Tenerife and La Gomera

The lesser known Caminos

One destination, many routes

The most famous route is along the so-called French Way, but there are many paths to reach the Cathedral of Santiago hiking. From the Northern Way, meandering through the forests of Green Spain and along the Cantabrian Sea, to the Primitive Way starting in Oviedo, and the Sanabria Way beginning in the city of Ourense.

All the Caminos de Santiago, right here

What's a Self-Guided Tour?

Spain, at your own pace

Most of our hiking holidays in Spain are self-guided, meaning you can enjoy them at your own pace, without a group or guide, but with our logistical support and detailed documentation to guide you at every step. We take care of your luggage to ensure you travel light, book your accommodations, and provide maps and a customized app.

Find out more in this article of our blog

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to embark on a walking trip in these areas of Spain? 

Spring (April-June) and autumn (September-October) are the ideal times for these regions, thanks to the pleasant weather and fewer crowds. Summer can be very hot, especially in Andalusia.

What kind of landscapes can I expect on these trails? 

The Camino de Santiago traverses various landscapes, from countryside to historic towns. The Alpujarras offer mountain trails and panoramic views. In Andalusia, expect paths through olive groves and ancient villages, while in Tenerife, you'll encounter volcanic and coastal landscapes.

How challenging are the walking trails in these regions? 

The trails vary: the Camino de Santiago has stretches suitable for all levels; the Alpujarras and Andalusia offer moderate to challenging paths; Tenerife features both easy walks and more difficult treks on volcanic terrain.

Is English commonly spoken along these routes? 

In larger cities and tourist areas, finding English speakers is more likely, but in rural areas and small villages, it might be less common. Knowing some basic Spanish phrases can be helpful.

What kind of accommodations can I expect along the trails? 

We provide accommodations in B&Bs, farmhouses, and 3-star hotels, all with private rooms and bathrooms. These accommodations blend comfort with authenticity, allowing you to fully immerse in the Spanish walking trip experience.

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