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Fabio Bernardi

Mid-Mountain Guide

Fabio is a Mid-Mountain Guide and a Ski Instructor.

He knows every corner of his territory, the Valle d'Ampezzo, and will take you to the most stunning, panoramic, and breathtaking spots in this area. He is a guide for cycling tours, mountain biking, e-biking, and road biking.

With Fabio, you can have an experience that is safe, smooth, and relaxed

Fabio Giorlando

Cycling and Walking Guide

Born and raised in Marsala, Sicily, Fabio is a tour escort and guide.

He leads groups on unique and unforgettable experiences (trekking and biking). An expert in active holidays, his passion is cycling; with him, biking is both a pleasure and a discovery.

For him, traveling is always an adventure!

Marco Giacomini

Walking & Cycling Guide

Marco has always been passionate about bikes and cycling, and he has turned his passion into his career.

The bike was his first love, and he remains passionate about it to this day. Although cycling wasn't always his profession, he has traveled around the world seeking outdoor adventures, climbing mountains, and connecting with nature. By saying STOP to his old job, he radically changed his life to share his passion with others.

During his travels, Marco realized that his dream was to share his experiences with others, allowing him to encounter different realities, cultures, and, most importantly, to enrich himself personally. That's why he is one of our guides today!

Marco Valtriani

Nature Guide & Biologist

Marco, an environmental guide and biologist, has worked in environmental monitoring and assessment.

Since he was young, he practiced birdwatching and has extended his expertise in ornithology to a professional level. He designs and leads birding tours in Italy and abroad and collaborates with Tour Operators, creating routes and Roadbooks.

For Marco, excursions are a moment of peace; worries fade away, and the soul feels lighter. Walking in nature allows him to connect with it. Reaching the top of a climb is always rewarded with a wonderful view.

Marco loves his job, and his adventures, shared with others, are even more beautiful.

Roberta Ferraris

Nature Guide

Roberta, born in Piedmont, has pursued studies in art, literature, and geography, which have taken her around the world.

She is involved in sustainable tourism and writes tourist and hiking guides. She has authored numerous guides, focusing much attention on the routes of the Via Francigena.

Another of her passions is painting. In fact, during her travels, she always carries paper and a case to dedicate herself to creating botanical watercolor paintings.

For her, walking is not only a relaxing activity but also a form of meditation, a way to immerse herself in the beauty of nature

Sebastian Schweizer

Nature and Rafting Guide

Sebastian is a Rafting Guide and an Environmental Hiking Guide.

Since he was young, his passion has been water and the underwater world, leading him to become a certified diver. A lover of sports, from snowboarding to trekking, his true love is for biking, especially mountain biking, which has inspired him to travel the world.

Always in search of new adventures, he often dives into new activities and sports. With him, there's never a dull moment.

Sonia Chiarellotto

Tour Leader

Sonia is a tour guide who cherishes the authenticity of her country.

She enjoys breaking away from the crowd to explore hidden paths that enrich her personally. Building relationships with people is very important to her, and she always seeks to connect with locals.

Additionally, Sonia is an Italian teacher for foreigners, to whom she always tries to show Italy from a different perspective.

Tullia Caballero

CEO of SloWays and Tour Leader

A traveler since birth, following her cosmopolitan family, Tullia Caballero spent her childhood between the United Kingdom and Peru before moving to Italy at the age of 13. Growing up amidst diverse cultures and enriched by her knowledge of three languages, her passion for outdoor travel and an insatiable curiosity about the world led her to find her calling in active tourism. She trained as an interpreter, tour leader, and designer of walking tours. She has visited over 59 countries and has explored Italy far and wide, both on foot and by bike.

Wanderlust Nominee Best Specialist Tour Operator 2023
Nominee Best Specialist Tour Operator 2023
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