Long Caminos in Italy

Long Caminos in Italy: the ones to book now

29 Sep 2023

Are you ready for an unforgettable hiking adventure in 2024?

Imagine walking through seven diverse regions and ultimately reaching the iconic St. Peter's Dome. Or maybe retracing the footsteps of Francis, Italy's patron saint, through the enigmatic and beautifully untamed landscapes of Umbria. If you're seeking an exhilarating mountain traverse or an opportunity to follow one of Italy's most ancient roads, steeped in history with traces of the Etruscans and Langobards, then it's time to take the plunge.

Perhaps, in the upcoming year, you'll finally decide to gift yourself the epic adventure you've been yearning for. 

 Sometimes, having your spot reserved, the date set, and the hotels booked is the key to turning your dream into reality. Booking early not only ensures better availability – our standard hotels for each stage provide the ideal location at the best price but tend to sell out quite fast - but also gives you ample time to prepare and train appropriately for your upcoming adventure!  
But before we dive in, let's quickly touch on the training aspect: setting off on a long, multi-day Camino adventure that stretches beyond a week means you'll want to be in decent shape to comfortably cover more than 10 kilometres a day for several consecutive days.

While you might excel during weekend mountain escapes or even week-long hikes, tackling two weeks of non-stop walking demands a different level of physical readiness.  

So, before you commit to a lengthy Camino, take a good look at your fitness level. Plus, reserving your spot in advance provides you with valuable time to prepare – you could even explore working with a specialist to craft a personalized training plan that'll have you all set for your upcoming adventure!" 
This said, here is some inspiration for fantastic Caminos to book in advance for 2024! 


Via Francigena  

Spanning across 7 regions and encompassing 140 municipalities, Italy's most renowned Camino trail stretches all the way from the northern Aosta Valley region to the heart of Rome.

It commences its journey in Italy by way of Switzerland, entering through the Great Saint Bernard Pass and culminating at the Vatican. From there, it continues towards Brindisi, a historic port from which pilgrims once embarked on their journey to the Holy Land. 

The landscape along this Camino is a continuously shifting tapestry, ranging from the rugged mountains and serene alpine lake found at the Pass, to the otherworldly lunar hills of Val d'Orcia, and from the towers of Medieval San Gimignano to the castles and vineyards of Piedmont. It traverses the ancient Etruscan canyon roads of Latium and meanders through the rice fields of Lombardy

Embarking on this complete itinerary immerses you in the authentic spirit of Italy, providing a glimpse of its most intimate and diverse natural beauty. The route draws inspiration from Archbishop Sigeric's historic diary, in which he meticulously recorded his pilgrimage back to Canterbury from Rome, following a visit to the Pope. Most of the stops along this legendary path introduce you to charming villages and lesser-known regions, although it also offers opportunities to explore art cities such as Siena, Fidenza, Pavia, and Viterbo. 

We proudly offer the complete itinerary, which you can explore further through this post: Which section of Via Francigena should you choose?  

Upon completing this incredible journey, you'll receive a well-deserved testimonium, the official certificate commemorating your accomplishment.  

Way of St Francis

This wonderful itinerary retraces the steps of Saint Francis, Italy's beloved patron saint and a passionate and a passionate protector of animals and the environment.

It takes you through some of Italy's most peaceful regions, including Umbria, Tuscany, and Latium, where Saint Francis journeyed to meet the Pope and gain official recognition for his order. 

Starting in the charming city of Florence and winding up in the historic city of Rome, this journey includes several of the most important places in Saint Francis's life: for example the sanctuary of Chiusi della Verna, where he received the stigmata during a period of deep meditation and prayer. Gubbio, where he's famous for taming a wolf that was causing trouble in the local community. San Damiano is another must-see, where he first heard the voice of Christ, calling him to rebuild His church. And, of course, there's Assisi, the heart of Saint Francis's life, where he now rests in eternal peace within the magnificent basilica. 

This adventure is a deep dive into the unspoiled and peaceful beauty of nature. From the charming villages of Tuscany and Umbria to the enchanting forests, green pastures, and serene valleys, and from remote hermitages to grand basilicas, each landscape tells its own unique story. Umbria, especially, is known as 'the green heart of Italy' because of its vibrant natural beauty.

Whether you're seeking moments of reflection, solace, or simply want to bask in the sheer beauty of Umbria, this pilgrimage promises a unique blend of cultural richness, natural wonder, and inner peace.

Via Romea Germanica

The Via Romea Germanica, named after the 'Germanic' countries of Northern Europe from which pilgrims traditionally embarked on their journey to Rome, is a historical pilgrimage route. It was once the preferred path to reach Rome, though today, the Via Francigena is perhaps the more widely recognized pilgrimage route in Italy. 

Our itinerary follows the trail from the vibrant university city of Forlì to the heart of Rome. The final stretch, starting from Montefiascone with its papal fortress and leading to the Dome of St. Peter's Basilica, merges with the Via Francigena. Along this captivating journey, you'll traverse some of Italy's most picturesque and enigmatic places, many of which are imbued with a captivating energy. Travelling Italy by train

From the enchanted forests of Casentino and the hilltop Sanctuary of Chiusi della Verna to the tranquil village of Castiglion del Lago, nestled on the shores of Lake Trasimeno; from the 'Civita di Bagnoregio,' the ancient city suspended on a rocky cliff, to the Etruscan sites of Arezzo and Subbiano; from the rugged beauty of the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines to the well-preserved Roman roads and tufa amphitheatres of Latium; from the serene shores of Lake Bolsena to Cortona, a symbol of Tuscany's charm worldwide. 

This itinerary is a perfect choice for those who have already completed the Via Francigena and seek a similar adventure while exploring new destinations. It offers an occasionally untamed journey through lesser-discovered Italy, tracing the footsteps of knights, adventurers, Etruscans, and ancient Romans. 
Embrace this sometimes-wild adventure that reveals the hidden treasures of Italy, a path less travelled, yet steeped in the rich history and cultural tapestry of the country. 

Your own multi-day adventure  

If you've already completed these Caminos or if you're drawn to different journeys featured in our catalogue and dream of a tailor-made adventure, we are here to help. 

 Crafting a multi-day walking adventure to match your desires and requirements is entirely feasible. Traveling by train is a convenient and efficient option (we've provided detailed information in this post: Travelling Italy by train), and we can suggest various trips that seamlessly connect with train travel.

High-speed trains, especially when booked in advance, offer surprisingly affordable fares and allow you to effortlessly journey across different regions in just a few hours. This means you'll have the opportunity to explore diverse parts of the country, traversing a grand walking adventure that combines some of Italy's finest itineraries. 

Once again, booking in advance is essential. This enables us to design your perfect trip and ensures a wide selection of accommodations. Booking ahead not only secures the best rates but also grants you the flexibility to choose your ideal lodging from a range of options. 


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