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Embark on a spiritual journey tracing the footsteps of Saint Francis through the verdant landscapes of Umbria, the lush heart of Italy. Feel the essence of his humble spirituality as you wander through forests, vineyards, and olive groves, surrounded by rolling green hills dotted with medieval villages. Each step takes you through towns where time appears to stand still.

Begin your odyssey in Assisi, where the magnificent Basilica and the serene Saint Francis Wood await your exploration. Continue to Spello, adorned with flower-filled streets and medieval towers, creating a timeless ambiance. Conclude your pilgrimage in Spoleto, a city that encapsulates the artistic richness shaped by the diverse inhabitants throughout history.

For the culinary enthusiasts, Umbria offers a delectable feast. Indulge in the region's flavorful cuisine, featuring recipes rooted in simple ingredients like extra virgin olive oil and cereals.



  • Walk under the frescoed vaults of the San Francesco Basilica;
  • Visit the Eremo delle Carceri grottoes, where Francesco and his companions gathered in meditation;
  • Enjoy the never ending view on the hills of Umbria, while walking the Via Francescana;
  • Follow Goethe's footsteps on the Ponte delle Torri, the ancient Roman aqueduct that leads to Spoleto.


Day 1

Arrive inAssisi

Arrive inAssisi

Embark on your journey from the enchanting town of Assisi, immersing yourself in the significant sites that defined the life of Saint Francis. Begin your day by delving into the hallowed grounds of the Basilica, where millions pay homage to the Saint at his resting place in the crypt. Explore the Porziuncola, a humble church that served as the nucleus for the grand Santa Maria degli Angeli Basilica.

As you traverse the city, uncover the secrets of a remarkably preserved Roman temple seamlessly integrated into the urban landscape. Ascend to the summit of the Rocca for an unparalleled panoramic view that captures the essence of Assisi.

Cap off your day with a delectable treat – the Rocciata. This delightful dessert, akin to a strudel, whispers tales of its origin with the Longobards people who introduced it to Assisi. Indulge in the sweetness of Rocciata, a perfect way to savor the flavors of this historic town.

Day 2

Assisi loop walk

Assisi loop walk

Nestled amidst the serene landscapes of Umbria, the Bosco di San Francesco (Forest of Saint Francis) and Eremo delle Carceri (Hermitage of the Prisons) stand as timeless sanctuaries, inviting travelers to immerse themselves in the spiritual embrace of nature.

The Bosco di San Francesco, a lush forest near Assisi, whispers tales of Saint Francis's profound connection with the natural world. Wander along shaded pathways, where ancient trees and tranquil corners echo the saint's contemplative spirit. Just a short distance away, the Eremo delle Carceri is a secluded hermitage perched on the slopes of Mount Subasio. Accessible by a scenic trail, the hermitage offers a retreat into solitude and reflection, surrounded by the untamed beauty of the Umbrian wilderness. Pilgrims and nature enthusiasts alike can bask in the tranquility of these sacred spaces, where the rustling leaves and timeless stones echo the spiritual resonance of Saint Francis's profound connection with the divine and the natural world.

Day 3

From Assisi to Spello (Via degli Ulivi), 12 km

From Assisi to Spello (Via degli Ulivi), 12 km

Embark on your inaugural day of exploration from Assisi to the picturesque town of Spello.

Ascend the Monte Subasio along a scenic uphill trail, leading you to the revered "Eremo delle Carceri." Here, amidst the caves where Saint Francis and his companions once meditated, you have the opportunity to gather in prayer, connecting with the spiritual essence of this sacred site. Traverse through a captivating oak wood, passing by the IXth-century San Benedetto Abbey, currently undergoing restoration.

As you continue your journey, a leisurely downhill path guides you to the medieval charm of Spello. Wander through the narrow stone streets adorned with balconies adorned with vibrant flowers, savoring the evening ambiance of this historical city. Let the unique blend of nature, spirituality, and medieval architecture create an unforgettable tapestry on your first day of walking through the heart of Umbria.

Distance: 12 km

Elevation Gain: +205/-330 m

Day 4

From Spello to Agriturismo Le Vigne, 10 km

From Spello to Agriturismo Le Vigne, 10 km

Prior to embarking on your journey, take the opportunity to explore the medieval charm of Spello. Capture the iconic silhouette of the two imposing towers guarding Porta Venere in a snapshot, but don't miss the chance to delve into the opulent rooms of the Municipal Palace. A visit to the Santa Maria Maggiore church is a must to marvel at the exquisite frescoes by Pinturicchio and Parmigianino.

As your day of exploration unfolds, the walking path will guide you to the quaint village of Scanzano. Traverse through scenic vineyards and olive groves, allowing the captivating landscapes of Umbria to accompany your journey. Discover the rural beauty and cultural gems that await as you embark on this picturesque walk through the heart of Italy.

Your final destination is at your accomodation "Agriturismo Le Vigne" where you will relax after your hike.

Distance: 10 km

Elevation Gain: +350/-230 m

Day 5

Transfer to Scandolaro, walk to Trevi/Bovara di Trevi, 10/12 km

Transfer to Scandolaro, walk to Trevi/Bovara di Trevi, 10/12 km

After breakfast you take a transfer from Agriturismo le Vigne to Scandolaro, where you will start today's walk.

Discover the historic Rocca of Scandolaro, a fortress once safeguarding the surrounding territories. Your journey unfolds through an enchanting oak wood, leading you to the charming town of Trevi. Don't miss the chance to savor the renowned local olive oil, a specialty of the region. Follow the path through an ancient aqueduct, eventually reaching the picturesque Bovara di Trevi. Let the rich history and flavors of the Umbrian landscape add a unique charm to your day of exploration.

Distance: 10/12 km

Elevation Gain: +370/-400 m

Day 6

From Trevi/Bovara di Trevi to Poreta, 10/12 km

From Trevi/Bovara di Trevi to Poreta, 10/12 km

Embark on the authentic "Francis Way" from Bovara di Trevi, retracing the very footsteps of Saint Francis himself. Follow this original path, winding through picturesque landscapes until you arrive at Campello Alto. Here, immerse yourself in breathtaking views overlooking the valleys of Spoleto. Take a moment to appreciate the serene surroundings and marvel at the timeless beauty of the convents of Pissignano and Campello. Surrounded by ancient olive trees, these sacred places exude a meditative atmosphere, inviting you to pause and connect with the spiritual essence that has graced these lands for centuries.

Distance: 10/12 km

Elevation Gain: +450/-540 m

Day 7

Transfer to Eggi and walk to Spoleto, 5km

Transfer to Eggi and walk to Spoleto, 5km

After breakfast you take a short transfer to Eggi, where the walk starts.

Continue your journey through the charming hamlet of Eggi, and follow a scenic path along a dismantled railway line leading to Spoleto. For a more spectacular entrance into the city, consider taking a detour that ascends high above the Tessino stream. Traverse the medieval aqueduct that spans the valley, offering breathtaking views.

Upon reaching Spoleto, let the Roman theatre be your poetic stage to recite your favorite verses. Allow the simple beauty of the San Salvatore Basilica to enchant you, or celebrate the conclusion of your journey with a delightful dinner.

Indulge in the local pride of Spoleto – the black truffle. Whether enjoyed on a bruschetta or sprinkled over an omelette, savor the unique flavors of this culinary delight that adds a touch of luxury to your memorable journey's finale.

Distance: 5 km

Elevation Gain: +70/-60 m

Day 8

Arrivederci Spoleto!

Arrivederci Spoleto!

Services end after breakfast.



What is included

  • 7 Nights in double room in **/*** hotels , B&B and agriturismi with breakfast
  • Luggage transportation from hotel to hotel
  • Transfers as per itinerary
  • Maps and detailed description of the itinerary in digital for, app
  • Pilgrim Passport
  • Medical and luggage travel insurance
  • 24h phone assistance    

What is not included 

  • Transfers to the starting location and from the arriving location of the tour
  • Lunches and dinners, if not otherwise stated
  • Visits and entrance fees - tips
  • Personal expense
  • Possible sojourn taxes
  • Everything that is not mentioned in the "What is included" section.   

Optional Services

These services can be added to the ones included in the base price of the tour:

  • Single room supplement
  • Cancellation insurance
  • Transfers to reach the starting location or to leave the arriving location of the tour, which will be quoted on request.
  • Official camino guidebook, shipped to the first hotel
  • Travel documentation in printed form (maps and detailed description of the itinerary), shipped to the first hotel


We work with 3* hotels, B&Bs and farmhouses that reflect our way of experiencing travel: they are comfortable and characterful structures, which we choose one by one, managed by passionate and welcoming people.

Unless otherwise specified in the travel listing, all provide private en-suite rooms with breakfast included.

Below you see some examples of the facilities used for this trip, but keep in mind that they may vary based on availability in the period. We could therefore book for you structures different from those you see listed here, but of the same category and carefully chosen according to SloWays criteria.

Assisi: Country House Tre Esse
Spello: Albergo Il Cacciatore
Colle San Lorenzo: Agriturismo Le Vigne
Bovara di Trevi: Agriturismo I Mandorli
Poreta: Borgo della Marmotta
Spoleto: Hotel Charleston

Practical info

How to arrive

From Rome airports (FCO, CIA), you need to get to the railway station and take a train from there to Assisi (either direct or with change in Foligno).

From Florence airport (FLR) and Pisa airport (PSA), you need to get to the railway station Santa Maria Novella in Florence, and take a train from there to Assisi (either direct or with change in Terontola-Cortona and Perugia).

On departure from Spoleto, there are direct trains to Rome, whereas you need to change if you need to get to either Pisa or Florence.

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