Camino pilgrimage landscape of open fields
Camino pilgrimage landscape of open fields

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First it was the Camino de Santiago: this epic European crossing made us understand what a Camino really means. The stages, the credential, the final certification, books, and movies ignited our imagination – how incredible to just focus on walking, stepping outside and immersing ourselves in the journey, one step after the other, one stage after the other. 

Since then, we’ve discovered that Italy too has its own great Camino– Via Francigena, which connects the Saint Bernard Pass to Rome. And many more: Via degli Dei, stretching from Bologna to Florence, the St. Francis Route, the Roman Germanic Way, the Magna Via Francigena. And that in Europe, one could explore and walk across Sweden, UK, Norway, Greece, Spain, France… 

To embark on a Camino is an incredible experience, one we believe should be accessible to everyone. hat's why we've curated a selection of trips on these grand caminos in Italy and Europe. You can enjoy them self-guided, at your own pace, reveling in the journey, all the while knowing that at the end of the day, there's a warm and welcoming place waiting for you.

Camino pilgrimage group of hikers

Top Trips

Via Francigena

The Way to Rome

From Canterbury to Rome, and then further south, where in Brindisi, pilgrims embarked towards the Holy Land: the Via Francigena is a path for travelers, saints, and knights, all heading towards the Eternal City and even farther, beyond the sea. In Italy, the Via Francigena del Nord begins at the Great St. Bernard Pass and continues for 1000 kilometers to Rome.

We've divided it into stages of 7/10 days, but you can choose to walk it all together for an extraordinary adventure. 

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Camino de Santiago

The most iconic camino

 A journey that needs no introduction - it's the most talked about and dreamt of pilgrimage, the one that comes to mind when you simply say 'The Way.' A journey, a story, a transformative experience - the Camino de Santiago is all this and more, taking on a different and precious meaning for each person. 

The most well-known route? That would be the French Way, starting from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port and leading to Santiago. The final stretch of 100 kilometers, beginning in Sarria, grants you the coveted Compostela, the certificate of pilgrimage completion. But there are several variations - from the Northern Way to the Primitive Way, from the Podense Way to the Portuguese Way. 

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Cammino di Oropa

Untamed nature one hour from Milan

If you're looking for an easily accessible and enjoyable pilgrimage, the Oropa Way is a great choice. Located in the Biellese region, just an hour by train from Milan, this route starts in Santhià and continues through the picturesque landscapes of the Biellese Alps, passing through forests, castles, and monasteries, eventually reaching Oropa. Oropa is home to one of the world's largest Marian Shrines, and its dome can be seen from much of the Piedmont region. 

This journey is perfect even for those who may not be highly physically trained, offering many opportunities to extend your vacation by exploring this lesser-known yet incredibly rich area filled with exciting things to do. 

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St.Francis Way

Walking in the green heart of Italy

This pilgrimage follows in the footsteps of Saint Francis, the Patron Saint of Italy, and takes you through the significant places of his life in Tuscany, Umbria, and Lazio. It begins in Florence and ends in Rome, passing through charming Tuscan villages, Assisi with its beautiful Basilica, Spello with its flower-filled alleys, the hermitages where Francis withdrew to pray and meditate, and Spoleto with its fortress.

The landscape is both serene and enchanting - this is the green heart of Italy, waiting to be explored through forests and valleys, among hills and forests all the way to San Pietro. This is a unique journey, more spiritual than religious, perfect for those seeking space, time, and peace along the way. 

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Way to Matera

From Bari to Matera, through the essence of Puglia

The journey begins from the seaside city of Bari, and immediately, you'll immerse yourself in the lesser-known side of Puglia. Along the way, you'll encounter Altamura, where one of the world's best-preserved Neanderthal specimens was discovered. It's a peaceful town that comes to life in the evening with leisurely strolls and children playing in the squares. Next is Gravina, with its underground city and a suspended aqueduct over the Gravina canyon. The landscape is enchanting, adorned with olive groves, almond trees, and wildflowers.

Finally, you'll reach Matera, the City of Stones, a unique setting known worldwide for its eternal nativity scene appearance, captivating filmmakers from around the globe. 

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Magna Via Francigena

A journey through beauty and humanity

 Our most human journey takes you through a beautiful and unexpected Sicily, characterized by vast open landscapes and villages perched on hillsides. It's a Sicily of Arab-influenced towns with neighborhoods that feel like mazes, waterfalls, and natural reserves where birds of prey thrive. This is also the Sicily known to many - passing through Corleone, a town building a new future, partly thanks to this pilgrimage. The journey starts in vibrant Palermo and leads to Agrigento - here, it's essential to allocate an extra day just to explore the Valley of the Temples. 

Above all, it's a Sicily made up of people, a journey among hospitable communities for whom the Magna Via Francigena has been a catalyst for change. 

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