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23 Feb 2024

At the heart of what we do is a simple idea: slow travel should be a joy that everyone can dive into. We believe wholeheartedly that with a bit of prep and the right support, a walking trip becomes not just a journey, but a deep delight that many more of us can embrace.

Making this dream a reality for you is our mission. Whether it’s helping you pick the perfect path, offering guidance to kickstart your adventure, or crafting trips that suit every kind of walker - from the trail-blazers to those pondering their first step into the great outdoors or along Italy’s enchanting routes, we’re here for it all.

That's exactly why we rolled out our "easy" trips line. Yes, 'easy' is quite subjective, but we’re on a quest to clarify that, crafting options ideal for first-timers or those who fancy a gentler pace, more moments to soak in the destinations, family adventures, or leisurely walks with friends. By tweaking our most loved Caminos and routes in Italy to make them more inclusive, we hope to welcome even more travelers into the fold.

From the Via Francigena to the sun-drenched Salento Coast, the Via degli Dei, and the serene St. Francis Way, we've reimagined these journeys. Our alternative trips cut down on daily distances through smart tweaks like private transfers, extra nights, or short hops by train or bus, keeping the journey's heart and soul intact. And for places like Lake Como, we’ve even crafted brand-new trips that blend easy yet stunning routes for a fresh take on holiday bliss. The aim? To usher you into Italy’s most breathtaking walks and trails, our nation's true gems.

Before diving in further, we invite you to peek at our post discussing trip difficulty levels, shedding light on why the ease of a trip is all about perspective.

Here's a sneak peek at some of our "easy" Italian getaways:

Easy Via Francigena, Siena to Orvieto

Our favorite route, the one you love the most: the Via Francigena is the perfect way to discover Italy's beauty—a journey spanning 7 regions and 130 towns in its northern part, from the Great St. Bernard Pass down to Rome. It unveils a wonderful country and a landscape that changes with every step.

We've selected some of the most significant stretches—one of which surely is the path from Siena to Orvieto. Starting from the districts of the Palio city, you'll quickly find yourself immersed in the splendor of the Val d'Orcia: hills in shades of green and grey escort you past fortified villages, cypresses, and towns that stand stark against the sky from atop the hills, leading to stunning views over Lake Bolsena, and then to the beautiful Orvieto. Though not officially part of the Via Francigena, Orvieto is a captivating, nearby stop, perfect for concluding this segment of the journey.

Your path also takes you through Bagno Vignoni, with its thermal pool at the village square's heart.

Discover the journey here

Easy St.Francis Way, Assisi to Spoleto

The St. Francis Way is another of our walkers' favorite routes, and it's easy to see why—it's a marvelous journey through the serene and reflective landscapes of Tuscany and Umbria, following in the footsteps of Italy's patron saint. When we looked for the perfect segment to turn into one of our new easy journeys, we had no doubts: the stretch from Assisi to Spoleto was the right choice.

The reason is simple: you absolutely love it. It starts in Assisi, the home of St. Francis, and winds through forests and country roads to the hermitage of the Carceri and then to Spello, with its narrow streets famous for being adorned with flowers that triumph during the famous "Infiorata," where the city streets are covered in floral carpets. The journey then continues through the Umbrian countryside, among villages and hills, to Spoleto, a beautiful and very artistic city, known for its Roman theater and hosting among other exceptional venues the famous Festival of the Two Worlds, one of our country's most renowned theatrical events.

This itinerary, too, is designed to be accessible even for first-time walkers, allowing everyone to fully enjoy the unique energy of this part of Italy.

Discover the journey here.

Easy Como Lake & Val Chiavenna 

We've woven together several journeys to create this itinerary, particularly our walking trip between the mountains and Lake Como, the journey on the Sentiero del Viandante (Wayfarer's Path), and the one in Val Chiavenna, culminating in a beautiful route that especially follows the trails along the lake's eastern shore, the Lecco side.

The adventure begins in Lecco, a town less known than Como but equally enchanting, with a stunning lakeside promenade and a delightful historic center. The journey then continues along the most picturesque parts of the Wayfarer's Path, passing through Varenna with its romantic lovers' trail suspended over the lake, the mysterious Vezio Castle, and Bellagio, the envy of the world.

The scenery shifts as we take you into the mountains of Val Chiavenna, where you can enjoy a lovely walk up to the Acquafraggia Waterfalls.

This itinerary is also suitable for those without extensive hiking experience but combines some of the most beautiful paths between the lake and mountains in one trip.

With the option to stay a few extra days to relish the cuisine of Chiavenna's "Crotti" or visit the stunning Lake Isola to the north of Chiavenna, right on the Swiss border.

Discover the journey here.

Easy Salento Coastal Path 

Another one of our bestsellers takes you to the coasts of Salento, in Puglia, along a route that follows the ancient trails of fishermen, weaves through spa towns, past coves of crystal-clear water, and arrives at the baroque palaces of Lecce after concluding its journey in Gagliano del Capo.

The journey starts from a place just as special: Otranto, renowned for its castle, vibrant nightlife, and the stunning mosaic of the tree of life that covers the floor of its cathedral. It's a perfect itinerary for those who love the sea, which will be in sight at all times, offering the chance for a swim nearly every day for most of the year.

This version is designed with a daily distance suitable for many walkers, making it the ideal holiday choice for those dreaming of a walking trip accompanied by the sea, with the option to stop for a few extra days to explore Lecce, a city of enchanting light and a thousand souls, and other beauties of Salento.

Discover the journey here.

Easy Via degli Dei 

The Via degli Dei is undoubtedly one of the most popular routes of the moment, and its fame is certainly due to the many reasons that make this journey so captivating. First and foremost, the itinerary follows the ancient Flaminia military road, connecting two splendid cities of art, Florence and Bologna: you actually start in Piazza Maggiore and finish your walk in Piazza della Signoria.

But it's not just this that enchants walkers who choose this path—it's the scenery of the Mugello, with military cemeteries hidden in the dense forests, botanical gardens, fossils embedded in the rock where the sea once was, a flavorful and hearty cuisine perfect for replenishing any walker, and of course, the mountains named after gods that give this route its name.

We have chosen to create a version also suitable for the many people who, although not experienced walkers, have asked us to discover the magic of this itinerary.

Discover the journey here.

Easy Chestnut Route, in South Tyrol 

The idea of walking in the unique scenery of the Dolomites is undeniably captivating but not accessible to everyone. These trails, while not technical, are certainly more suited to those who are familiar with and love the mountains.

However, this journey offers a splendid way to experience the unique atmosphere of the Dolomites without having to tackle overly challenging paths. We're talking about South Tyrol, nestled among chestnut groves, castles, and abbeys, with breathtaking views and lush valleys. This enchanting trip will take you through Chiusa, a haven for poets and artists, Bolzano with its charming historic center, and generally through a wonderful landscape that's perfect for taking your first steps on the Dolomite trails—perhaps even as training for tackling more demanding routes like the Alta Via.

It's a journey that's also suitable for families, for children who love the mountains and walking through its marvelous landscapes.

Discover the journey here



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