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When is a trip really easy?

22 Feb 2024

Ever wondered if a walking trip might be too tough for you? It's a question we hear a lot.

After all, there's a fine line between a rewarding challenge and biting off more than we can chew, especially when it comes to exploring on foot. Whether you're a weekend mountain hiker or a park walker, it doesn't automatically mean you're ready for multiple days of trekking.

To take the guesswork out of your planning, we've introduced a handy difficulty rating for all our trips.

Imagine four levels of adventure, designed to match your experience and fitness to the path that will bring you joy, not exhaustion.

Easy. Perfect for everyone, including those who've never embraced slow travel before. Whether walking or cycling, you’ll spend just a few hours each day on the move. Trails don't exceed 2-4 hours of walking with minimal elevation changes and light baggage, plus navigation is a breeze. If you get some exercise at least once a week, you’ll do just fine.

Moderate-Easy. Suited for those with a bit of training under their belt. Expect longer stretches of 4 to 6 hours per day (up to 20-25 km on foot, about 50 km by bike), with medium elevation gains (up to 500 m a day). For self-guided trips, a basic sense of direction is needed since trails may not always be well-marked or easy to spot. If you hit the gym, run, or cycle twice a week, you’ll have no trouble.

Moderate-Challenging. Ideal for those well-exercised, possibly with some travel experience. Some days could stretch to 7 hours (up to 25-30 km on foot, about 70 km by bike), with more significant elevation gains (up to 1000 m a day). A good sense of direction might be required for some self-guided adventures.

Challenging. Designed for the highly fit with solid technical skills. Be prepared for very long days (over 30 km on foot, over 70 km by bike), sometimes with steep elevation gains (over 1000 m a day). Good navigation skills may also be necessary for certain self-guided trips.

Note: The difficulty rating for bike tours assumes the use of traditional bicycles. Opting for an e-bike makes all our tours fall into the easy or moderate-easy categories.

But let's be real, choosing the right trip isn't just about the numbers. Here's what else plays a part in the mix:

Weather and Seasons: Picture this – walking under the Tuscan sun sounds dreamy, but high noon in August? Maybe not so much. Weather can be a game-changer, making your trip a breeze or a bit of a battle. While we can't outsmart Mother Nature, timing your trip can make all the difference.

To Backpack or Not to Backpack: Carrying your gear can turn a trek from a walk in the park into a Herculean effort, especially if you're not used to the weight or have back issues. Opting for luggage transport can be a game-changer, letting you stride lighter and enjoy the scenery without the strain.

The Path Less Traveled: It's not just about choosing between a paved road and a dirt path. Slippery, rocky, or steep terrains can slow you down, turning your adventure into an obstacle course. Knowing the terrain helps you set the pace.

Watering Holes and Pit Stops: Long stretches without a place to refuel mean packing more, which means lugging more. Planning is key, so you're not weighed down more than necessary.

Trail Markings: Embarking on an unmarked trail? It means keeping an eye on maps or our easy-to-use, no-internet-needed app a bit more than usual. We've got your back, but a sense of adventure (and direction) is part of the journey.

Splash Warning: Some paths have water crossings that might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you prefer to keep your feet dry. It's all about knowing what to expect.

Fit for the Journey: Ultimately, the definition of "easy" or "hard" is deeply personal. It all comes down to your fitness level, how far you're used to walking, and how much your legs, knees, and stamina can handle.


Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be! We’re here to turn the question marks into exclamation points. Share your dreams, experiences, and what gets you moving. We'll pinpoint the perfect trip for you, ensuring your adventure is just the right blend of challenge and enjoyment. Let's make those travel dreams a vivid, vibrant reality, together!


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