New Easier Trips in Tuscany - and more you'll love!

07 Mar 2024

We're thrilled to introduce the new, more accessible versions of some of the most beloved and enchanting trips in our catalogue.

By adding gentler alternatives to our most popular routes, we're opening up the captivating beauty of Tuscany and the best sections of the Via Francigena to even more travelers. Here, we unveil the easier versions of the heart of the Tuscan Via Francigena and the journey from Lucca to Siena – offering two ways to traverse the most picturesque segments of the route. One begins in Lucca and concludes in Siena, while the other starts from the hilltop town of San Miniato, winding through to the hills of Val d'Orcia.

We've also crafted a softer version of a journey through the iconic landscapes of Tuscany, aptly named 'Under the Tuscan Sun.' This adaptation ensures that even first-time walkers can embrace the magic of a Tuscan walking holiday.

Our alternative trips reduce daily walking distances through thoughtful adjustments like private transfers, additional overnight stays, or brief segments by train or bus, ensuring the essence of the journey remains unchanged.

In another blog post dedicated to easier trips, we stress the importance of understanding that 'easy' is a relative term, one that should be measured against your own fitness level and specific requirements.

Before you explore further, we encourage you to check out our post on trip difficulty levels to gain insights into how the perceived ease of a trip is indeed a matter of perspective.

And as a bonus – we introduce two additional trips in Tuscany: one on the enchanting Elba island and another in the northern part of Tuscany, Lunigiana. 


Via Francigena, Lucca to Siena

No introduction needed for this spellbinding stretch of the Via Francigena. It kicks off in Lucca, a city beloved for its stroll-friendly walls and charming town center, brimming with traditional ovens, artisan workshops, and medieval towers crowned with greenery. The path weaves through Tuscany's heartland, from the vine-covered hills of Val d'Arbia to the iconic towers of San Gimignano and the fairy-tale castle of Monteriggioni, with its ring of towers. The journey culminates in Siena, famed worldwide for its thrilling Palio race, a fierce competition among the city's districts.

See the trip here 


Heart of Via Francigena

This twist on the classic section starts in San Miniato, a hilltop jewel increasingly sought after by influencers, artists, and chefs, infusing its center with vibrant life. The route traverses the same mesmerizing landscapes, blending renowned art cities with quaint villages, and ends in Siena. Beyond Siena, it stretches into the Val d'Orcia hills, offering what many consider the route's finest vistas. The ever-shifting hues of grey and green across the rolling hills provide a breathtaking backdrop as you journey through the peaceful town of Buonconvento.

See the trip here 

Under the Tuscan Sun

This route is close to our hearts, capturing the quintessential beauty of Tuscany and incorporating all the elements that have enchanted travelers, readers, and movie-goers alike. Inspired by the book and film "Under the Tuscan Sun," set in the final stop, Cortona, this journey is a living dream. It meanders past vineyards, olive groves, orchards, and medieval towns, offering ample opportunities to indulge in the region's celebrated wines and cuisine. A true Tuscan dream, now even more accessible.

See the trip here 

Northern Via Francigena, Pontremoli to Lucca 

We're thrilled to add a bonus journey to our curated collection of exceptional Tuscan routes. Currently available only in its classic form, this trip offers a fresh, slightly off-the-beaten-path perspective on Tuscany's allure. Traversing Lunigiana, the enchanting 'land of the Moon,' the adventure begins in the intriguing town of Pontremoli. Crowned with a majestic castle that welcomes pilgrims and houses the mesmerizing Statue Stele Museum, Pontremoli serves as a gateway to a journey of discovery. The path winds through stunning, occasionally wild landscapes, dotted with tiny medieval towns, before reaching the shores of Versilia, a coastal gem of Tuscany. Along the way, you'll encounter Pietrasanta, a quaint village celebrated for its artist ateliers and unique independent bookshops, culminating in the historic walls of Lucca.

See the trip here

Elba Island 

And now let's set off on the sea and to the enchanting Elba island; islands are always fascinating, but Elba is a splendid destination for both a leisurely and active holiday. Both Venus, Roman Goddess of Beauty and Napoleon, all-powerful French emperor, chose Elba as a great place to take a walking tour through picturesque fishing villages, along rugged coastlines, mountain ridges and on the dreamy, sandy island beaches.  We want to take you into the lesser known side of the island, with Medieval villages overlooking the sea, fortress and lighthouses, and the views getting more beautiful every day. 

See the trip here



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