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Why you should book your Southern Italy Holiday now

24 Apr 2024

Summer is getting closer, and you may not have decided where to go for your walking holiday yet. If you are considering Italy among your holiday destinations, know that this is the perfect moment to book our trips in some of the most enchanting, summery regions our bel paese has to offer.

The South of Italy is imbued with unique charm, each region and destination characterized by its own personality—from the colorful houses, vibrant colors, and iconic views of the Amalfi Coast (and a lesser-known, equally wonderful destination a few hours from Amalfi) to the wildflower-filled paths and enchanting swimming coves of Puglia; from the unique sceneries of Matera to the Sicilian villages along the pilgrimage route of Magna Via Francigena, and from the glistening waters of Sardinia to its canyons and mountains.

If any of these hiking holidays might be what you are looking for, know that this is the perfect time to book. If you are looking to book in the summer, then the early months of the season, June and July, are the best times for your holidays. August is traditionally chosen by Italians for their summer holidays, meaning that most of the crowds will be present, and the heat is often too intense to enjoy walking holidays as they should be.

Additionally, hotel availability decreases with each day as summer approaches, meaning these are the last weeks to guarantee yourself the dates you are most looking forward to traveling!

Here are a few Southern Tours to book now! 

Magna Via Francigena 

 Our most human journey takes you hiking through a beautiful and unexpected Sicily, characterized by vast open landscapes and villages perched on hillsides. It's a Sicily of Arab-influenced towns with neighborhoods that feel like mazes, waterfalls, and natural reserves where birds of prey thrive. This is also the Sicily known to many - passing through Corleone, a town building a new future, partly thanks to this pilgrimage. The journey starts in vibrant Palermo and leads to Agrigento - here, it's essential to allocate an extra day just to explore the Valley of the Temples. 

Above all, it's a Sicily made up of people, a journey among hospitable communities for whom the Magna Via Francigena has been a catalyst for change. 

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Amalfi Coast and Capri Island 

This hiking hokiday takes you to the most enchanting places of the Amalfi Coast - like the Path of the Gods, one of the most beautiful trails in the world - and to lesser-known gems like the Valle delle Ferriere, a natural reserve just outside Amalfi. A day is dedicated to Capri, to be explored on foot with countless trails.

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Cilento, the other Amalfi Coast

If you dream of the Mediterranean and the vibes of a walking holiday in the Amalfi Coast but want to avoid its tourist crowds, we have a solution for you: the long sandy beaches of Cilento boast waters so clean they've earned the Blue Flag designation, the hotels offer warm and genuine hospitality, and the fishing villages of Sapri and Scario feature charming centers and wonderful sea sunsets, not to mention the ancient Greek city of Paestum. What's more? There's a wide variety of trails and hiking routes for all levels - nestled between the green forests and the turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the scenic paths of Cilento are perfect for a self-guided journey.

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Coastal Path of Salento 

From Otranto and its castle to the baroque palaces of Lecce, this journey will take you along the Salento Coast. It's a trip dedicated to the sea and the light, to paths filled with wildflowers, to fishing villages, lighthouses, and refreshing swims at the end of the day, to good food and beauty.

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Coastal Walking in South-West Sardinia 

When you first got here, in the region of Sardinia called Sulcis-Iglesiente you immediately feel why it is also known as Costa Verde (The Green Coast): this place is remote, wild and has an industrial-mines past that forged the landscape and the people. The island of Sant’Antioco makes the perfect final stop for this walking holiday: besides walking through stunning views and ancient watchtowers, with this hiking holiday you will have the chance to discover the many souls of Sardinia

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The Wild Side of Sardinia 

Hiking Sardinia behold white cliffs over 800 meters high and the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, shimmering with deep shades of blue. Thousands of prehistoric Nuragic towers are scattered across the landscape which you zigzag past, heading up the Monte Tiscali to discover a hidden Nuraghe village. Hike along the rough, ragged ridges of the Supramonte Mountains and follow narrow footpaths through the spectacular Gola di Gorropu gorge. Finally you head to the Gulf of Orosei, 40 km of captivating coastline - a walking holiday you'll never forget. 

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Via Materana, Bari to Matera 

The walking tour in Puglia begins from the seaside city of Bari, and immediately, you'll immerse yourself in the lesser-known side of Puglia. Along the way, you'll encounter Altamura, where one of the world's best-preserved Neanderthal specimens was discovered. It's a peaceful town that comes to life in the evening with leisurely strolls and children playing in the squares. Next is Gravina, with its underground city and a suspended aqueduct over the Gravina canyon. The landscape is enchanting, adorned with olive groves, almond trees, and wildflowers.

Finally, at the end of this hiking trip you'll reach Matera, the City of Stones, a unique setting known worldwide for its eternal nativity scene appearance, captivating filmmakers from around the globe. 

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