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Unique Walking Escapes for 2024

01 Mar 2024

You've made up your mind: 2024 is finally the year you'll embark on a walking journey. Or perhaps it's the year you'll discover a new place, in your favorite way to travel.

But now, there's a crucial question to ask yourself: where to go? It seems straightforward, yet you might have been pondering this for a while - maybe you're in search of a lesser-known gem, dreaming of a landscape you can't quite pinpoint, or there's a particular destination you like but something about it doesn't quite fit your idea of a perfect vacation... and so many other possibilities. Finding the ideal destination for your holiday is a mission of utmost importance and not always an easy one.

But worry not, we've got you covered: we've curated a selection of journeys that we think you'll love. Trips that will enchant and surprise you, to destinations that are anything but ordinary. Places that may remind you of others, yet hold something special and unique, something that will surely captivate you - both in Italy and Europe.

Imagine... a coastal area that isn't THE coast everyone knows. Or a charming lake, not as renowned or celebrated as its cousins. The iconic French countryside, or a path to the Cathedral of Santiago, windswept and by the sea.

Join us and our selection of unique destinations!

If you're dreaming of Lake Como (but not quite): Lake Iseo 

Not as renowned as Lake Como or Garda, you might even struggle to place it on your mental map; uncertain about what you'd do there or why you should visit... allow us to enlighten you: Lake Iseo is an enchanting body of water, nestled between the vineyards of Franciacorta and Valpolicella and olive groves, not far from the art-rich yet lesser known cities like Brescia. And then there's Monte Isola, the jewel in the lake's crown, the largest inhabited lake island in Europe. Our walking tour around (and within - that is, on the island) Lake Iseo unveils all this and more, such as the "Via Valeriana", a medieval path once trodden by pilgrims and merchants along the lake's eastern shore, or the mesmerizing erosion pyramids.

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If you dream of the French countryside, look no further than the Dordogne.

This slice of France is the answer to your bucolic French dreams. Picture a serene and splendid natural backdrop for your walks, following the course of the Dordogne River, amidst castles, Cistercian abbeys, churches, and quaint villages; here, the villages are also known as Bastides, small fortified towns with a regular layout, where you can stay in charming family-run hotels offering the warmest French hospitality. Take Monpazier, for instance, the destination of this journey and the location of our French office, where you can immerse yourself, mind and body, in an atmosphere you won't easily forget - and indulge in the local cuisine that, coming from Italians, is truly delightful.

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If you're drawn to the Amalfi Coast (but not quite), consider Cilento.

The Amalfi Coast is undeniably enchanting, with its colorful villages, unique hospitality, vibrant atmosphere, the sea, the flavors, and the scents. However, for those who prefer to avoid large crowds (especially if holiday time comes only during the peak tourist season), it might not be the ideal choice. We have a beloved alternative: Cilento. Not too far from the Amalfi Coast, yet it feels like a world apart. It offers all you could love about Amalfi and its surroundings - stunning seas with blue-flag beaches, warm hospitality, and beautiful hiking trails through natural reserves. But it also presents a slower pace of life, fewer people, and the charm of Paestum with its ancient temples, and of course, the excellence of authentic buffalo mozzarella, a local staple.

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If you're inspired by the Camino de Santiago (but seeking a twist), consider the Camino del Norte.

The destination remains the same: the Cathedral of Santiago, a dream and celebrated pilgrimage site for people from all around the globe. Yet, this path offers a distinct experience from the more traditional and well-trodden French Way - it boasts a wilder, coastal landscape that straddles the green of Spain and the blue of the Cantabrian Sea; fewer pilgrims, requiring a bit more of an adventurous spirit to choose the northern route; and the varied and rugged scenery of the Basque Country, a stark contrast to the expansive Mesetas or other classic views along the French Way. In essence, it's the perfect journey if you wish to live the experience of ancient pilgrims - but with the wind in your face and the scent of the sea filling your senses.

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If you're drawn to the Via Francigena (but looking for something different): the Southern Via Francigena, from Rome to the Sea.

All roads lead to Rome - but they don't stop there; they stretch onwards, racing towards the sea. These are the paths followed by pilgrims who, having reached Rome via the Northern Via Francigena, continued towards Brindisi, from where they would set sail to the Holy Land. This walking journey takes you along the initial stretch of the Southern Via Francigena - from Rome, you'll pass through Castel Gandolfo, the summer residence of the popes, then onto Cori, Sermoneta, and Fossanova with its enchanting abbey, finally arriving in Terracina - and there before you, the sea.

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