The Road to Rome

14 Jan 2019

The Via Francigena, featured on the 3 part documentary ‘Pilgrimage: The Road to Rome on BBC, is an ancient pilgrim’s way from Canterbury, Britain to Rome, Italy. Dating back to the middle ages, this extraordinary trail crosses four countries, starting in Southern England, then France, Switzerland and entering Italy by crossing over the Saint Bernard pass. Walking the road to Rome you will enjoy some of the most strikingly beautiful sceneries Italy has to offer. Whether you are looking to reconnect, are a nature enthusiast, appreciate fine art and Italian food and wine, every stage of the way you will find something to enjoy and surprise.


Tuscan Via Francigena


Walking in Tuscany on the Via Francigena from Lucca to Siena

Wondering which part of the Via Francigena is the most spectacular? It is in the heart of Tuscan, 7 days of walking through soft rolling hills topped with ancient farms. Cypress lined gravel roads stretch as far as the eye can see and the distance is filled with more and more beautiful landscapes. Along the way meet Marcello, offering pilgrims a hearty meal or cool off and rest in one of the medieval parish churches that line the way. 

This 7-night trip from Lucca to Siena is filled with the regions’ must sees and also includes the walled hamlet of Monterigioni and UNESCO San Gimignano with its striking towers.


Start: Lucca           End: Siena

Duration 8 days    Price from: € 672.00 including luggage transport



Via Francigena from Viterbo to Rome


The last 100km of the Via Francigena from Viterbo to Rome  

The last 100 km of the way to Rome is a journey that surprises from the first to the last step: starting with the medieval town of Viterbo, and its Pellegrino district, exit the city along an ancient Etruscan road over 2500 years old. Surrounded by lush greenery, Sutri’s Roman amphitheatre is completely dug out from tufa rock and houses a Mitreo church - once a pagan altar dedicated to the God Mitra and later a Christian rock church. The rock walls are covered with the remains of ancient frescoes. Feel the joy of completion as you admire Saint Peter’s dome and the Mountain of Joy “Monte della Gioia from an exclusive view point immerse in the greenery of Monte Mario, before descending into the city of Rome and walking the last stretch to the Vatican where you obtain your pilgrim certificate the “Testimonium”.


Start: Viterbo         End: Rome

Duration 8 days    Price from€449 including luggage transport


 Siena to Rome Cycling



Cycling the Via Francigena from Siena to Rome 

Ready for a picture-perfect landscape? Start your journey cycling through the legendary gravel roads of Siena, gently rolling hills that cross the Val d’Arbia and the Val d’Orcia, icons of the Tuscan landscape. Stop to stamp your pilgrim’s passport or a glass of local Brunello red at the foot of Montalcino or a cappuccino in San Quirico. Take a relaxing warm dip in Bagno Vignoni, with its enormous thermal pool in the centre of the square. In Radicofani, climb to the top of the fortress, sentinel of southern Tuscany, for the best 360° views.

Entering Lazio hear the story of Saint Christina and admire the beauty of the volcanic lake Bolsena. Feel young and small as you walk along the ancient paving stones of the Via Cassia, still intact after 2000 years. Overnight in the Viterbo’s medieval Pellegrino district, cycle on ancient Etrurian roads, to the Roman amphitheatre of Sutri, dug out from the tufa rock. What better way to enter Rome but along the Tiber river cycle path that leads you into the heart of the city till your final destination: Saint Peter’s Square where you can collect your Testimonium.



Start: Siena             End: Rome

Duration 8 days     Price from€449 including luggage transport


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