Our trips in Albania: a surprising destination

14 Mar 2024

We’ve been eager to add this incredible destination to our catalog for quite some time, and we’re ecstatic to finally introduce it to you.

Sunny, Mediterranean, diverse, and utterly surprising – Albania transcends its complex history, capturing the hearts of an increasing number of travelers. Its pristine white beaches have quickly become a favorite among both Italian and international holiday-goers, not just for the sun-soaked shores but also for the lively nightlife. Meanwhile, the bustling streets of Tirana enchant and captivate all who wander through.

What truly wins everyone over is the legendary Albanian hospitality, casting a spell on every visitor.

While summer brings party-goers and sun-seekers to the coast, autumn and spring offer the perfect backdrop for a different kind of exploration – hiking. Albania is a treasure trove of stunning trails and boasts a rich tapestry of landscapes, from the coastal regions to the Alps. Its unspoiled nature dazzles with wildflowers in the spring and glows with warm, inviting colors in the winter, set against the dramatic contrast of snow-capped peaks.

In celebration of Albania’s natural wonders, we’re proposing three unique journeys through varied landscapes, all starting from the vibrant city of Tirana. Whether it’s the scenic coastline perfect for a leisurely walk, a magical valley crossed by Europe’s last wild river, or the majestic Alps, one of the Balkans' most beloved treasures, we’ve got something for every adventurer.

All our trips are self-guided, but rest assured, you'll have our full support every step of the way: from a warm welcome briefing in Tirana to private transfers and local hospitality, ensuring you never feel alone on your journey.

The Splendor of the Albanian Coast

Our journey begins along the coast, one of the country’s most cherished areas. As mentioned, it's bustling in summer, but visiting in other seasons unveils its enduring charm. This trip whisks you beyond the Karaburun Peninsula to the foothills of the majestic Ceraunian Mountains, tracing a riviera that reaches towards the Greek border.

Rugged coastlines, citrus groves, olive trees, pristine white beaches, and stone villages – then, swiftly from the sea breeze to mountain air: an enchanting atmosphere amidst the pink of oleanders and the green of cypresses, through Mediterranean scrub and highland pastures, from the southern villages to Tirana, where the journey both starts and ends, offering the chance to linger and enjoy vibrant Tirana for a few more days.

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Journey to an Enchanted Valley

This expedition leads you to one of Europe's most enchanting valleys, Zagoria, carved by one of the world's last untouched rivers, the Vjosa. It’s a voyage across meadows and mountains, where you’ll spend nights in villages where time appears to stand still.

Truly, it's a hidden valley, untouched by time - a thought that will cross your mind as you traverse ancient Ottoman stone bridges, explore Orthodox churches, and admire medieval frescoes. This sense of timeless beauty follows you to Gjirokastër, where you'll stay in a palace within the old city. Gjirokastër, a UNESCO World Heritage city, retains its ageless ambiance through a strict architectural heritage protection scheme, including its magnificent castle.

It's the final wonder in a beautiful journey exploring both nature and culture, from villages thriving on farming and beekeeping to the untouched wilderness, all the way back to the vibrant and colorful Tirana, with its bazaars and museums ready to unfold the country's story.

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The Albanian Alps 

This is the perfect journey for those seeking an epic adventure in one of the Balkans' most cherished destinations.

Starting in the vibrant city of Shkodra, you'll traverse the Drin Canyons and navigate through the fjord-like waters of Lake Komani; hike across the jagged peaks of the Valbona mountains, moving from one national park to another; visit mountain villages and take a dip in the icy natural pools fed by karst springs.

More than just a trek, this trip introduces you to the communities living in these remote areas. You'll experience their simple yet warm hospitality, learn about local culture and traditional activities like farming, beekeeping, and agriculture, and uncover the troubled history of these lands now opening to tourism seeking unique yet mesmerizing destinations.

As always, the journey starts and ends in Tirana - perfect for an extra day to explore museums and bazaars before heading home, enriched by the stunning beauty of an astonishing country.

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