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Via Francigena South, from Rome to the sea - Italy
Da Roma a Terracina
7 days, price from
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All roads lead to Rome - but they then continue, and so it does Via Francigena. It runs towards the Terracina sea and then South to Brindisi, where ancient pilgrims used to embark to reach the Holy Land

This is the first section of Southern Via Francigena, among Roman paving stones and ancient sheep tracks, pagan temples, imposing cathedrals and Christian sanctuaries, gentle hilly panoramas and  mountain passages. 

Following the traces of the Via Appia, one of the oldest roads in Europe, you  walk from mysterious villages to discover the treasures of southern Lazio, which preserves a vast historical and cultural heritage, until you reach the sea at Terracina.


Day 1   Arrival in Rome

Here you are in the Eternal City. We recommend a visit to St Peter's Square, the starting point of your journey and the arrival point of the entire northern Via Francigena. Don't forget to take a triumphant photo in front of the Basilica, before celebrating the start of your journey by feasting on abbacchio, pecorino romano and maybe a nice maritozzo alla con la panna... buon cammino!

Day 2   From Rome to Castel Gandolfo, 26 km

Leaving the ancient Roman walls at Porta San Sebastiano, we find ourselves on the ancient paving stones of the Appia Antica, which will accompany us for the next few kilometres as we leave Rome.

For the next 10 km or so we proceed through ancient vestiges of Rome's glorious past: Geta's Tomb, Priscilla's Tomb, Cecilia Metella's Mausoleum, etc. until we reach Frattocchie, where the route leaves the ancient consular road and proceeds in the direction of Castel Gandolfo, the summer residence of the Popes and today's stage of arrival.

Distance: 26 km

Elevation gain: +520/-70 m

Day 3   From Castel Gandolfo to Cori, 21 km

Leaving Castel Gandolfo we follow a cycle path to Albano Laziale, where we enter a dense wooded area bordering Lake Albano. Taking another path through the woods, we continue in the direction of Nemi, a town on the lake of the same name. We continue south along the provincial road on an easy pavement, turn left at Clivo Formello and ride through the woods for 5 km until we reach Velletri. From here a short transfer will take you to Cori, a village rich in history and culture.

Distance: 21 km

Elevation gain: +550/-615 m

Day 4   From Cori to Sermoneta, 19 km

Today's stage begins with a steep dirt track and then a long tarmac section that leads into one of the most interesting areas of Lazio, on the edge of the Monti Lepini and the plains of Lazio. After a brief visit to the ancient city of Norba, we leave Norma following an ancient path that first descends and then climbs the hill to the beautiful medieval village of Sermoneta.

Distance: 19 km

Elevation gain: +560/-715 m

Day 5   From Sermoneta to Sezze, 11 km

From the pretty historic centre of Sermoneta, we follow a dirt road through the hills of Latium with beautiful landscapes covered in sunflowers and herds of grazing cattle. From the route towards the centre of Sezze, there is a wonderful view over the Latium plains as far as the mythical promontory of Circeo.

Distance: 11 km

Elevation gain: +350/-280 m

Day 6   From Sezze to Terracina via Fossanova, 20 km

Leaving the town of Sezze, we take a dirt road that runs along the slopes of the mountain. All around us we can contemplate the landscape of the plains of the province of Latina, as far as the Tyrrhenian coast. We cross the villages of Colle Rotondo and Ceriara, following a path that runs alongside a canal until we reach the town of Priverno. From here a path runs along the canal for the next 6 km to the abbey of Fossanova, its majestic presence visible in the distance to the approaching traveller. A splendid example of Gothic architecture, the Cistercian abbey of Fossanova has its roots in the 12th century.

Distance: 20 km

Elevation gain: +240/-510 m

Day 7   Arrivederci Via Francigena!

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