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Dolomites Alta Via in Val di Fanes-Sennes - Italy
8 days, price from
  € 989

Protected reserves and shimmering mountains, alpine meadows and idyllic vistas – those ethereal and iconic mountain images that dance in our minds when we dream of a vacation among the peaks. This journey turns those dreams into reality. Starting from Plätzwiese and going all the way to San Vigilio di Marebbe, a week of walking awaits you in the splendid Fanes and Sennes Park, set in a scenery that the world envies us for.

You'll behold alpine lakes with a blue so intense they blend with the sky, lush green meadows, a pristine nature that towers over everything, revealing what the land can do without human intervention.

With the changing seasons, the meadows are adorned with wildflowers, taking on emerald green or iridescent hues, various shades of green and gray, while the sky brightens around the snow-covered peaks. The food in this area is excellent, flavorful, hearty – perfect for rejuvenation after days in the mountains. And with cozy mountain huts, you'll have everything you need to rest.


Day 1   Arrive in Plätzwiese/ Prato Piazza

Arrive with public transport or private transfer to Plätzwiese/ Pratopiazza, check-in at the accommodation and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the Dolomites.

Day 2   Loop from Berggasthof Plätzwiese via the Strudelkopf, 5,9-8,3 km

Today you can choose among several hiking itineraries. You can climb of the Strudelkopf (2307m) with excellent views on the Drei Zinnen or go for a tour through the rolling Stollaplatz and Stolla-Alm. Or you can do either walks because they are relatively short.

Distance: 5,9-8,3 km 

Ascent/Descent: +250 or 350 m/-250 or 350 m 

Day 3   From Plätzwiese to Sennes, 21,3 km

After breakfast you start the today’s walk with a descent via the spectacular Val dei Canope to Cimabanche. After a short walk along the road you climb through Val de Gotres towards Forcella Lerosa, a meadow plateau surrounded by beautiful mountain peaks. After a steep descent through a forest, you begin the final climb through the lovely Val Salata and reach Sennes.

Distance: 21,3 km 

Ascent/descent: +985/-834 m 

Day 4   Loop from Rifugio Sennes via the Sennes Plateau, 12,4 km

The walk today takes you through plateaus and valleys above the tree line surrounded by mountain vistas. This short hike can be extended with a climb to the Muntejela de Senes peak (2887m). The view from the peak is stunning.

Distance: 12,4 km 

Ascent/descent: +345/-330 m 

Day 5   From Rifugio Sennes to Rifugio Fanes via Lago de Foses, 17 km

Today's varied route initially follows the Dolomite Höhenweg/Alta via Dolomiti, maintaining roughly constant elevation. After this, you descend to the beautifully located Lago de Foses and then to the lovely Valon Scuro. On the other side of the valley, you climb back up towards the Lago Le Casun and further to Fodara Vedla, a picturesque village and a nice place for a break. After a long, steep descent to the Pederü hut, you start the final ascent to the Fanes Plateau. If the weather is bad, the route can be shortened by taking the dirt road that goes to Rifugio Fodara Vedla, then on to Rifugio Pederü avoiding lakes.

Distance: 17 km 

Ascent/descent: +1068/-1133 m 

Day 6   Loop from Rifugio Fanes via Ju della Crusc and L’Ciaval

Today you can choose between two alternative all-day hikes.

Walk A: L’Ciaval loop via de Ju de la Crusc (17 km)
This all day route takes you up a steep, wooded hillside to the bare, rocky expanse of the Fanes plateau. At Ju d’la Crusc you reach the edge of the plateau, where you can enjoy dramatic vistas over the valley below. You can optionally extend the hike with a climb up to the L’Ciaval peak.

Walk B: Fanes loop via Bivacco alla Pace (16 km)
This hike starts with a short steep section that takes you to Limo Lake, from where it becomes a comfortable walk along an unpaved road winding its way through unpleasant alpine scenery, then climbing above the tree line on a rocky and lose gravel trail to the foot of the dramatic Monte Castello outcrop where the small bivacco is located. The views on underlying rocky valleys are breathtaking. The track was originally WWI military road bring supplies to the front. Close to Monte Castello there can be sections of snow, walking poles are very useful.

Distance: 16 or 17 km 

Ascent/descent: +1045 or 848/-1028 or 1035 m 

Day 7   From Rifugio Fanes to San Vigilio di Marebbe, 18-20 km

Descend from the Fanes Plateau to the lovely Val di Marebbe. You first climb steeply to Anthoius Joch, with a difficult descent over a debris slope. After that, you continue over a wide path through the village of Wengen/ La Valle to Crusc de Rit, with beautiful views on the way. You then descend through forests and meadows to San Vigilio di Marebbe.

Distance: 20 or 18 km 

Ascent/descent: +650/-1450 m 

Day 8   Arrivederci San Vigilio di Marebbe!

The trip and our services end after breakfast unless you have booked extra services or extra nights.


7 nights in mountain huts and hotel on HB basis (no at Sennes)

Platzwiese Hut Prags
Platzwiese Hut - Prags

Platzwiese Hut is located 2000 metres above sea level. Rooms have a mountain style and are simple, well-finished. Cuisine is very good and you can taste it on panoramic terrace.

Sennes Hut St. Vigil Enneberg
Sennes Hut - St. Vigil Enneberg

The mountain refuge Sennes, 2126 m, is located in the Fanes-Senes-Braies National Park. Rooms have a mountain style and they are well-finished and clean. Breakfast is good and the cuisine offers Tyrolese specialties. Staff is courteous and helpful.

Fanes Hut San Vigilio di Marebbe
Fanes Hut - San Vigilio di Marebbe

Fanes Hut is located on the Dolomites above the town of San Vigilio di Marebbe. Rooms are made by wood, well-furnished and comfortable. The cuisine offers traditional dishes Ladin, but international too. Owners are helpful and welcoming.

B&B Villa La Bercia San Vigilio di Marebbe
B&B Villa La Bercia - San Vigilio di Marebbe

B&B Villa La Bercia is located in a very quiet area surrounded by nature. It has wood furniture and a common living room and checkroom. Rooms have a rustic style, well-furnished and comfortable with private bathroom, balcony, free Wifi. Breakfast is good both savoury and sweet. Owners are helpful and welcoming.

Practical info

From any airport, reach the main train stations and take the train to Dobbiaco (Tobalch) or Villabassa Braies (Niederdorf Prags), with change in Fortezza (Franzensfeste). From Dobbiaco (Toblach) or Villabassa Braies (Niederhof Prags), you need to take 2 busses to reach Prato Piazza (Platzwiese), with change in Segheria (Sage).

On departure from San Vigilio di Marebbe (St. Vigil in Enneberg), take a bus to Brunico (Brunek) with one change in Longega (Zwischenwasser). From the train station (walking distance from the bus station), you can reach both Innsbruck HBN and Verona Porta Nuova train stations. Most trains are not direct, and you have to change in Fortezza (Franzenfeste).

Train/bus schedules available on:

Thanks to our special APP, you will be able to follow the track of the whole trip on your mobile phone, with no need for internet. GPS tracks are available on request. 


What is included

What is not included 

Optional Services

These services can be added to the ones included in the base price of the tour: