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Camino Portugues, from Tui to Santiago - Spain
Il Cammino Portoghese da Tui
8 days, price from
  € 560

Crossing river Miño in the town of Tui, at the border between Spain and Portugal, you will follow one of the most popular paths taking you to Santiago de Compostela.

The route winds through green, wooden paths through the galician countryside, offering several stops in small, quaint towns and villages such as Pontevedra and Padron, eucalyptus forests and stone houses. 

After about 100 kilometres fullof emotions, you will reach the beautiful cathedral of Santiago, where you will be able to obtain the Testimonium.


Day 1   Arrival in Tui

Today you will arrive in Tui

If you wish to add the transfer service from Madrid, the bus leaves at 11.00 from the Las Matas station.

Day 2   From Tui to O Porriño, 16 km

Aftera good breakfast, your adventure begins! You will first walkthrough the Tui town centre: do not miss the majestic Cathedral of St Maria de Tui, the church of San Telmo, and the International Bridge (built under the guidance of Gustave Eiffel). The walk exits the town through tree-lined paths and across rivers. Today, you will encounter one of the most iconic sight of the walk, the Ponte Veiga, built on river Louro.Take the chance to visit the Pazo de Mos foundation and the Santiaguiño chapel.

Day 3   From O Porriño to Arcade, 23 km

In this second stage, you will delighted by the beauty of the galician countryside: green meadows and boundless sights on river Vigo, inviting you to stop and savour the breathtaking scenario. The path continues through the village of Arccade, famous throughout the world for its oysters and Ponte Sampaio, known for a battle against the french troops.

Day 4   From Arcade to Pontevedra, 12 km

Today you will venture even more to the rural heart of Galicia, between tight paths and isolated houses lost in the lush vegetation.

The day ends with a visit to the splendid town of Pontevedra, with its town centre full of fascinating little squares. Pontevedra represents a very interetsing urban experiment, as cars are forbidden here!

Day 5   From Pontevedra to Caldas dei Rei, 21 km

Today's walk will take you through the villages of Alba, a Portela and Briallos, crossing the vineyards of the famous Albariño wine. The most interesting town though is Caldas do Reis, at the confluence of two rivers: it is known for its hot waters. Take the chance to visit the stone tavern "O Muiño"

Day 6   From Caldas de Rei to Padron, 18 km

Today we will follow a soft, silent and hilly path, ideal for meditation and peace. Every now and then, you will encounter a quaint village or one of the "cruceiros" scattered around this corner of Galicia. You will then arrive in Padron and Iria Flavia, places of strong jacobean connotation. According to the legend, it is here that the ship carrying the body of Saint James ran aground, against a stone (pedròn). Nowadays, that stone is kept in the city cathedral.

Day 7   From Padron to Santiago, 20 km

In the last stage taking you to the heart of Santiago, you will also walk on paved roads, in a scenario that is less rural compared to the prevoius days. However, as you are getting closer to the destination of your trip you will be able to breathe the mysticism surrounding the places where the legend of St James is set.



Day 8   Santiago!

Our services end after breakfast, 

however if you wish to explore Santiago and spend more time there, we suggest you book an additional night.

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Thanks to our special APP, you will be able to follow the track of the whole trip on your mobile phone, with no need for internet. GPS tracks are available on request.


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