22 Apr 2024

World Earth Day: Our Commitment, in Action

Today we celebrate the day dedicated to the beautiful planet that hosts us: a home that must be respected and protected every day of the year, with concrete and timely actions, which we believe should be shared and communicated in the most transparent way possible.

As every year, we tell you about what we are concretely doing to reduce our footprint and contribute: all these initiatives are documented and recorded in our report and our sustainability policy, and also supported by you, if you decide to travel with us.

The reforestation project and the renewable energy generation project carried out with Rete Clima, a new sustainability certificate, our updated reports: we tell you about it in this newsletter.

Sustainability policy:The document to track our commitment   

This document lays the foundation for our commitment to the environment, and more. Tthis is the document that we update every year and always make available to those who visit our site and want to understand what goals we set in the field of sustainability.

It's a document we created after establishing a "Sustainability Team" within the office, which is a group of people tasked with setting specific corporate sustainability goals and dedicating part of their time to coordinating the rest of the office in achieving them. The document includes a list of goals to be achieved over the five-year period 2020/2025, with precise indications of when we can consider them achieved, and a list of actions to engage in to facilitate the achievement of these goals. A system of control and review is also planned and implemented. The whole follows the "Plan, Implement, Check" method.

You can read our sustainability policy at this link.

Travelife Partner: our sustainability certification

Travelife Sustainability in Tourism is a management support and certification system aimed at the tourism sector, designed to set up business activities according to sustainable processes. It is an all-European initiative, born in 2007, when the need emerged to have sustainability standards/objectives/protocols shared among all the actors in the tourism sector in Europe.

We chose to turn to Travelife to obtain an external certification that clearly and objectively attests to our commitment: after obtaining the first level of certification in 2021, we finally achieved the "Travelife Certified" certification in 2022, the highest level available. This means that we meet more than 200 sustainability criteria in the fields of office management, product type, international partners, and customer relations.

Find out more in this article on our blog.

ISO 14001: the certification we are working to obtain

We are working to obtain the ISO 14001 certification: it is a voluntary international standard that proves that the organization has a certified environmental management system, through the definition of an environmental policy followed by a program aimed at implementing everything that the policy requires.

CO2 Compensation: Foresta Italia and other initiatives with Rete Clima

When we decided to offset the CO2 produced within all our trips, both those of our customers and those necessary for our business activity, we turned to a company that could help us transform this CO2 expenditure into something positive, converting it into financial support for environmental and social sustainability initiatives. Each year we calculate the amount of carbon dioxide produced by our trips - we do this through a specific program, based on the number of customers and the trips they made with us - and we make a financial contribution that goes to support projects for the regeneration and protection of the territory.

One of these is the support for the Foresta Italia project, with which we participate in the reforestation of large areas of our territory that were severely hit by the Vaia Storm, which razed 41,000 hectares of forests: in 2023 we participated in the first reforestation event in Sesto, in Val Pusteria, and on May 22 we will participate in the second event, in collaboration with Coldiretti and PEFC Italy.

In January 2024, thanks to the collaboration with Rete Clima, S-Cape Travel supported the certified renewable energy generation project VCS 1461 "Grouped Connect Solar PV Power generation Project in China". The project includes 7 different solar sites in various areas across northwestern China, which will generate electricity using renewable photovoltaic solar energy. The project will bring environmental benefits, thanks to the generation of accessible and clean energy, and social and economic benefits, thanks to customized training programs for engineers and plant operators, as well as the creation of new jobs.

Discover all the projects we have supported with Rete Clima at this link.

Support and training for facilities

Through questionnaires we send every year and as part of our sustainability policy, we regularly ask the facilities that collaborate with us to update us on their commitment to environmental sustainability: we promote through our newsletter the facilities that particularly stand out for their commitment, because thanks to them we further reduce the ecological footprint of our trips.

We plan, in the near future, to start training and support projects for our suppliers to help them work on their energy impact and understand together further ways to be even more virtuous.


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