The 6 Best Wine Adventures

16 Feb 2024

Red, white, or rosé, each a crowning glory of entire regions, and a delightful bonus to any Italian journey - wine stands among the most cherished Italian exports, with virtually every part of Italy boasting territories dedicated almost exclusively to its cultivation. Some savor it casually, while others revere it akin to a religion - reflecting the general passion for gastronomy in Italy.

Likewise, for many choosing Italy as their next holiday destination, the allure of its renowned wines can be the primary motivator, with the rest of their trip serving as a delightful backdrop.

This article aims to highlight some of Italy's most famed wine-producing regions, showcasing their notable labels and suggesting itineraries for those keen to explore these flavors at their source.


Chianti - Tuscany

The world's most famous hills, breathtaking landscapes, the cradle of the Renaissance. Tuscany is one of the most renowned regions globally – but wine is another delicious reason you should choose it as your next destination. Among all wines, Chianti Classico is perhaps the best-known – boasting superb viticulture with unique grape varieties cultivated in the beautifully iconic estates of its countryside.

One of our trips takes you straight into the heart of Chiantishire – it's the perfect route to savor some of the most appreciated labels from this blessed region. The journey ends in Siena and its districts, which compete every year in the famous Palio. If you love good food as well as wine, one of the trip's itineraries takes you to Panzano, a place renowned for the "Fiorentina" steak thanks to the Antica Macelleria Cecchini.

Our Trip in Chianti



Langhe - Piedmont

Pedmont, just like Tuscany, is a haven for wine aficionados. It's celebrated not only for its UNESCO World Heritage recognition but also for hosting some of the most exquisite vineyards in the world, including those producing Barolo and Barbaresco wines. The Langhe area, nestled within Piedmont, epitomizes the pinnacle of Italian wine production, with its charming villages and a picturesque landscape of hills meticulously lined with vineyards and speckled with welcoming wineries.

But wine is just part of the story. Piedmont is the ultimate destination for culinary adventurers seeking the finest truffles, along with other regional delicacies such as gianduja chocolate, rich egg pasta, succulent meats, and crunchy hazelnuts. There's no better way to explore this gastronomic paradise than by walking through its stunning landscapes. These walks are not just about enjoying the views; they're an invitation to work up an appetite big enough to fully appreciate the culinary masterpieces that await at the end of the day.

Our trips in Piedmont 

Chestnut Route & the Wines of Trentino Alto Adige 

From Sauvignon to Riesling, through Pinot and Traminer, South Tyrol, or Südtirol as it's also known, is the birthplace of some highly recognized and beloved wines in Italy and around the globe. South Tyrol, the autonomous province of Bolzano nestled in the dense forests of the Alto Adige, is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the crisp Alpine air and explore the unique wine production in its mountainous regions.

This area offers a fascinating blend of Italian and Austrian heritage, reflected in its exceptional wines that combine the best of both cultures. Whether you're a wine enthusiast or a curious traveler, South Tyrol invites you to discover its vineyards set against breathtaking landscapes, where traditional methods meet modern innovation to create wines of extraordinary character and taste.

Our trip on Chestnut Route 


Puglia - Primitivo & Negramaro 

From crystal-clear waters and dreamy beaches to the warm hospitality that characterizes the quaint villages of southern Italy, Salento in Puglia is a genuine year-round holiday haven, especially during the summer months. However, it's not just the idyllic coastlines that draw visitors; this region, known as Italy's heel, is also a bustling hub of wine production.

Imagine strolling along the coast, diving into seas indistinguishable from the sky, and rounding off your day with a glass of rich Negramaro or bold Primitivo. Frankly, to add anything more would simply be gilding the lily!

Our trips in Puglia 


Val d'Orcia & Brunello di Montalcino

A UNESCO World Heritage marvel, the backdrop of those iconic Tuscan postcards that have captivated hearts worldwide, home to incredibly preserved medieval villages that are nothing short of treasures.

While it might fly a bit under the radar compared to Chianti, Val d’Orcia is an absolute visual, mental, and culinary delight. Its winemaking rivals any, featuring stellar vintages like Brunello di Montalcino, a luxurious red that promises a warm welcome as you settle into the cozy farmhouses dotted among the rolling Tuscan hills and iconic cypresses.

Our trip in Val d'Orcia 


Montefalco - Umbria

Last but certainly not least, we venture into the emerald heart of Italy: Umbria. Nestled between the Tuscan hills and the Apennines, this region is a cradle of gentle landscapes, genuine and authentically Italian. Amid the tranquility where Saint Francis of Assisi once roamed, inspiring the famous pilgrimage route named after him, lies the splendid town of Montefalco.

Surrounded by exquisite estates that produce esteemed wines like the namesake Montefalco, a slight detour could have you savoring these fine wines in the village cellars as you journey from Assisi to Spoleto.

Our trip from Assisi to Spoleto (perfect for a detour to Montefalco) 




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