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Walking on Via Romea Germanica, from Viterbo to Rome
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Walking on Via Romea Germanica, from Viterbo to Rome

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Walking on Via Romea Germanica, from Viterbo to Rome

Walking on Via Romea Germanica, from Viterbo to Rome - 7 days

A unique journey, from the first to the last step: starting from the charming medieval town of Viterbo, which has an entire district dedicated to the pilgrims who, for centuries, have gathered on her streets, traveling along the ancient Etruscan roads, standing within the Roman amphitheatre of Sutri that was completely unearthed from volcanic ash, immersing yourself in the greenery of Mount Mario, where you will, at last, take your first glimpse the dome of Saint Peter’s. You will have the hilly lush green landscape of the Lazio region as your traveling companion along the final section of the Via Romea Germanica taking you from town to town.

Day 1: Arrive in Viterbo
Day 2: From Viterbo to Vetralla, 18 km
Day 3: Day 3: From Vetralla to Sutri, 24 km
Day 4: From Sutri to Campagnano, 27 km
Day 5: From Campagnano to Giustiniana, 25 km
Day 6: From Giustiniana to Rome, 16 km
Day 7: Arrivederci Rome!

Day 1:    Arrive in Viterbo

In Viterbo, the ancient seat of the Pontiff, you will be able to admire the loggia of the Popes, and meditate in the silence of the enchanting cloisters of Santa Maria Nuova, one of the oldest churches in the town. Have fun looking for the symbol of the Lion, the town emblem, on the buildings and drink a toast to the walk that is about to begin in the pilgrim’s quarter, enjoying the tasty local cuisine. Can’t you make up your mind? Try the acquacotta, the traditional dish of the Tuscia.

Day 2:    From Viterbo to Vetralla, 18 km

The first leg of the journey will take you towards Vetralla, a village in the heart of the ancient Etruscan area. On your arrival, treat yourself to a snack of rustic bread and the local extra-virgin olive oil, before enjoying a walk through the alleyways of the old town centre.

Day 3:    Day 3: From Vetralla to Sutri, 24 km

Continuing through the green countryside of Lazio you come to Sutri, a small town rich in attractions. The Roman amphitheatre, completely dug out from the tufo, is something not to be missed.  Decide whether to sit on the terraces or to get up onto the stage, but as you leave remember to sign the visitors’ register: it is very important for the custodian, and if he is there he will invite you to do so. After this, proceed to the church of Santa Maria del Parto, the tufo walls of which are decorated in well preserved frescoes. Look for the group of pilgrims among the images, depicted in prayer with their sticks in their hand.

Day 4:    From Sutri to Campagnano, 27 km

From Sutri we go on towards Campagnano: during the journey you will flank the Mount Gelato Waterfalls, where you can stop for a reinvigorating bathe. A panoramic road of the Veio Nature Park will bring you to the gates of Campagnano. Here you can rest in the Venturi Park, the home of a three-hundred year old Yew tree the locals call the “Tree of Death”: but don’t worry, you can sit in its shade without any danger!

If you feel like this stage may be too long, don't worry: you can make it shorter with brief stretches by public transport. 

Day 5:    From Campagnano to Giustiniana, 25 km

From Campagnano you will continue through the Veio nature park with its woody hills, before entering the enchanting Valle del Sorbo. Along the way you will be able to admire the sanctuary of the Madonna del Sorbo, but also the old town centre of Formello, with its fine medieval buildings. You will then encounter the little village of Isola Farnese, clinging to a cliff surrounded by woods and dominated by the Castello Farnese: visits can be booked by internet and they offer a panoramic view of the surrounding valleys. The last stretch through the Roman countryside leads you to the small hamlet of Giustiniana, where you will overnight.

Day 6:    From Giustiniana to Rome, 16 km

So, you have reached the last leg of your journey which separates you from the Eternal City. Since this is a metropolis, there is, unfortunately, heavy traffic along the last section of the route: the belvedere di Monte Mario, from which you will finally be able to glimpse the dome of Saint Peter’s, however, makes the whole journey worthwhile and will soon make you forget the confusion of the big city. From here you will descend towards  Piazza San Pietro, the arrival point of your journey and of the whole Northern Via Francigena. Do not forget to take a triumphant photograph in front of the Basilica, before celebrating the end of the journey, fortifying yourselves with spring lamb, pecorino romano cheese, and perhaps a delicious maritozzo with have deserved it!

Day 7:    Arrivederci Rome!

Last day included. Service ends after breakfast.

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