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Via Francigena: Stage 3, Pavia to Fidenza - Italy
Via Francigena: Stage 3, Pavia to Fidenza
6 days, price from
  € 563

Like an ancient pilgrim, you are embarking on the ferry that will take you to the opposite side of the Po, the great river that nurtures these fertile plains.

You've just left Pavia, one of the most fascinating cities on Via Francigena - a mosaic of different cultures and histories that have enriched the old town centre with all sort of artistic treasures.

 Happy and inspired, you set off for the jouney ahead: an easy, meditative walk through the great plains, towards a territory where the proverbial Italian hospitality becomes legendary: Emilia. 

Prosciutto di Parma, Culatello di Zibello, Parmigiano Reggiano... this is the local, extremely tasty gold - the result of a welcoming and fertile land, but above all of great passion. But art is just as notable as the food: from the Cistercense abbey of Chiaravalle della Colomba to the Fidenza Cathedral, the reliefs of which narrate the history of pilgrimage. A history as old as the world - and you are now part of it. 


Day 1   Pavia

Your journey begins in Pavia, one of the jewels of Via Francigena: a multifaceted, charming Medieval city perfect to get lost in - which we think is one of the pleasure of travelling. 

Ammira l'altare scolpito della Basilica di San Pietro, scopri le meraviglie di Età Romana, passeggia sotto le torri medievali e attraversa il ponte coperto, un'elegante passerella sul Ponte Ticino. 

Admire the carved altar of the Saint Peter Basilica, discover the wonders that have been enriching the city since Roman Age, have a stroll in the shadow of the Medieval towers and walk across the covered bridge, an elegant runway on Ticino River. 

Above all, enjoy the city: its rich historical and artistic memory graciously blends with a lively and young present, with university students filling the large squares and cobbled streets of the old town centre. 

Day 2   From Pavia to Belgioioso, train back to Pavia, 16 km

Ready, set, go! Today you're walking in the flood plain near Pavia. It's a peaceful, very green land, where you can notice rows of trees delimiting steep descents towards the river: these are called river terraces, and are originated from the stream of water eroding the river banks.

On your way, the small Church of San Giacomo: its simple but beautiful facade hides several frescoes dedicated to the life of San Giacomo, which are worth a stop should the church be open. 

Today's destination is Belgioioso: every year its Medieval castle houses events and fairs of all sort, so we suggest that you check to see if there is any when you are visiting. 

Distance: 16 km

Elevation gain: +40/-40 m

Day 3   Transfer Pavia-Orio Litta - Walk from Orio Litta to Piacenza, 22 km

Your day begins with a short transfer from Belgioioso to Orio Litta, where today's walk begins. First you walk along the hillside of San Colombano, dotted with vineyards, before reaching the famous Sigerico's crossing: the Transitum Padi. 

Trust the boatman Danilo, every day he carries pilgrims from one side of the River Po to the other, connecting Lombardia with Emilia Romagna. 

You set foot on solid ground, and here is a land of legendary hospitality and great delicacies: a few kilometers along peaceful country roads lead you to Piacenza. 

Here we suggest a visit to the Cathedral, with its special octagonal tower: once you walk across the "Gate of Heaven" you can admire the Romanic interiors and some beautiful 15th century frescoes. 

Dinner will definitely be a highlight! The local specialties are many, delicioius and renowned. If you have no idea what to start with, we suggest that you build an appetite with the local "salumi", cold meats - possibly paired with a glass of Gutturnio wine. 

Distance: 22 km

Elevation gain: +35/-30 m

Day 4   From Piacenza to Fiorenzuola, 30 km

Today's walk is long and peaceful. Recharged with the Piacenza delicacies, you can enjoy a meditative walk along quiet country roads to Fiorenzuola: as small as it may be, this village is filled with art and history - you can visit the San Fiorenzo church and the church of Beata Vergine di Caravaggio before heading to your agriturismo, a countryside oasis where you can spend one of the most peaceful nights of your life. 

If you think that this stage may be too long for you too walk, don’t worry: you can make it shorter by taking brief stretches by public transport. 

Distance: 30 km

Elevation gain: +65/-40 m

Day 5   From Fiorenzuola to Fidenza, 22 km

Your last day of walking leads to Fidenza, where your journey ends in the Cathedral square. 

Along the way, the picturesque Abbey of Charavalle della Colomba: the perfect place to make the trip last a little longer, if you are not ready to stop. 

Here you can admire the beautiful interiors of inlaid woods, or enjoy the silence reigning inside the church for some moments, before continuing your walk and reach your final destination. 

Do you like popular traditions? Then find someone who can tell you a local doggerel dedicated to the ciribiciaccola, the abbey tower's dialectal name. 

Distance: 22 km

Elevation gain: +35/-40 m

Day 6   Fidenza

Last day included. Tour ends after breakfast.


Nights in double room in **/*** hotels , B&B and agriturismi with breakfast

Hotel Excelsior Pavia
Hotel Excelsior - Pavia

The Hotel Excelsior enjoys a central location, in the Railway Station Square, just a short walk from the historical centre of Pavia. Rooms are clean and spacious, but old-fashioned. Breakfast is normal and various.

Hotel Euro Piacenza
Euro Hotel - Piacenza

Euro Hotel is located in a strategic position, on one of the main road of Piacenza, close to the city center. Rooms are old-fashioned, but clean and spacious with air conditioning, mini bar, TV and satellite TV with international channels, direct dial telephone, free Wifi. Breakfast is rich and various.

Agriturismo Battibue Fiorenzuola
Agriturismo Battibue - Fiorenzuola d'Arda

The Agritourism is surrounded by green spaces, offers comfortable rooms recently restructured. These have free Wifi, TV and air conditioning/heating. The restaurant offers traditional and high quality courses. Breakfast is normal.

Hotel Astoria Fidenza
Hotel Astoria - Fidenza

The Astoria Hotel is housed in the center of Fidenza, close to the train station. Staff is kind and helpful. Location is clean and comfortable . Rooms are quiet and equipped of air conditioning, TV, free WiFi and direct phone. Breakfast is rich and various.

Practical info

From Bergamo-Orio al Serio (BGY), you can get to either Milano Centrale railway station or to Bergamo railway station by bus. From there, you can get to Pavia by train (with change in Milano Lambrate, if you are travelling from Bergamo).

Check bus connections from Bergamo Orio al Serio (BGY) on

From Milano airports (MXP, LIN), get to the central railway station in Milano, and get a direct train to Pavia.

From Turin airport (TRN) and from Verona airport (VRN), get to the closest railway station, from where you can reach Pavia by train, with change in Milano.

On departure from Fidenza, you can reach Bologna, Milano, Bergamo, Turin and Verona by train (direct if travelling from either Bologna or Milano).  

There are direct busses running from Milano Centrale train station to Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport (BGY), as well.

Check train timetables on

Thanks to our special APP, you will be able to follow the track of the whole trip on your mobile phone, with no need for internet. GPS tracks are available on request.


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