Magna Via in Sicily: from Palermo to Agrigento
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Magna Via Francigena in Sicily: from Palermo to Agrigento
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Magna Via Francigena in Sicily: from Palermo to Agrigento

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Magna Via Francigena in Sicily: from Palermo to Agrigento

Magna Via Francigena in Sicily: from Palermo to Agrigento - 8 days

The Magna Via Francigena is not a trip or a holiday, it’s a “journey” of discovery that, like a budding wild flower, slowly opens up to reveal a vibrant, colourful and scented heart. Leave behind the bustling art-filled cities and archaeological sites that line the coasts of Sicily and step by step, village by village traverse one of Italy’s last frontiers. Leave your comfort zone aside, welcome the casual, unexpected and unorthodox. Stand in awe as this little-known but beloved, controversial island shows itself to you.

The strength behind the Magna Via lies in the vast open landscapes and the people that live here. So, let me tell you about the people you will encounter: Young Totò, who will captivate you with his enthusiasm and philosophy, Giuseppe’s charisma and energy are so contagious that you won’t want to leave. Francesca will delight your senses with her famous “crostata” home-made jam tart and, of course, the “Professore”, as he lives and breathes the town’s history and will tell you all her tales and secrets.

This historical route is the connection of the two major harbours of the past: Agrigento and Palermo, a system of “Trazzere” (old gravel roads) that linked every village of the backcountry. It is a human adventure where we, the travellers, have to sneak in, knock on the door, ask, and then take time to get to know the genuine character of this land.



SloWays tips:

  • Cannoli: pastry filled with ricotta, pistachios and candied orange
  • The enthusiasm, hospitality and pride of the Sicilians
  • The artistic meltin’ pot of chaotic “Balarm” (Palermo in Arabic) and the perfect magnificence of the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento
  • All the young people you meet that instead of leaving are taking the challenge to remain and make a living in their hometown
  • The villages full of history, from the hometown of the famous writer Leonardo Sciascia to the Arabic maze of alleys in the historic center of Sutera
  • The pure natural landscape of the backcountry
Day 1: Arrive in Palermo
Day 2: From Santa Cristina Gela to Corleone (19 or 25 km)
Day 3: From Corleone to Prizzi (19 km)
Day 4: From Prizzi to Castronovo di Sicilia (19.5 or 24 km), transfer to Cammarata
Day 5: From Cammarata to Sutera (15 km)
Day 6: From Sutera to Racalmuto (23 km)
Day 7: From Racalmuto to Aragona (11,5 km), train to Agrigento
Day 8: Arrivederci Agrigento!

Day 1:    Arrive in Palermo

Once you have settled into your accommodations, step outside and breathe in the incredibly fresh, crisp air of this multicultural city. In the evening, allow yourself to feel the excitement of the adventure ahead of you.

Day 2:    From Santa Cristina Gela to Corleone (19 or 25 km)

You start the day being transported to Santa Cristina Gela, by the Lake of Piana degli Albanesi. This town is home to a historical community of Albanese people (the largest Arbereshe community in Italy) who still lives and professes its faith here. After a stroll and a local delicacy “cassatella” (fried cannolo) you will start your walk towards Corleone.

You climb along the “antica trazzera” (old route) towards the Santuario Maria S.S. del Rosario di Tagliavia. According to legend, in 1800, two shepherds found a rock with the sacred image of the Holy Mary. In the same place, while digging, they later discovered a miraculous spring of water that is said to have healed King Ferdinando I of Bourbon. The Sanctuary, erected in 1841, constitutes a must-stop along the pilgrimage route.

The path takes you to Corleone, a town renowned as the birthplace of several Mafia families; it was immortalized by Mario Puzo's "The Godfather". While here, it is a must to visit the CIDMA: Mafia and Anti-Mafia Movement Museum.

Distance: 4,5/6 hours, 19/25km, 500/900m total ascent, 690/770m total descent 

Day 3:    From Corleone to Prizzi (19 km)

While exiting Corleone, take your time to admire the waterfall “delle due rocche”, 10 mins out of town. Then the path takes you through vineyards and open fields, passing by dry-stone masserie (country farm) where you may encounter farmers who want you to try their freshly made ricotta!

From Lake Prizzi a steady climb takes you into town, the perfect opportunity to grab a cannolo with pistachio and candied orange! Yummy!!

Distance: 5 hours, 19 km, 860m total ascent, 430m total descent 

Day 4:    From Prizzi to Castronovo di Sicilia (19.5 or 24 km), transfer to Cammarata

The majority of today’s walk is within the peaceful Carcaci Natural Reserve, home to numerous species of birds of prey. Between the trees, you can see what remains of the abandoned village of Riena, with its old-world charm and the unaltered symmetry of its cross design.

Explore the rural houses, barns, the cozy manor homes and the small stone churchs. In the last part inside the Bosco Comuni (Comuni forest) you encounter the typical “pagliai” (hay)farmers.

When you arrive in Castronovo, you get transferred to the hotel in Cammarata (20min). You can shorten today’s walk of 4.5 km with a transfer on request.

Distance: 4,5/5,5 hours, 19.5/24 km, 620/650m ascent, 660/960m descent 

Day 5:    From Cammarata to Sutera (15 km)

Before starting your walk energize yourself with some local delicacy in Bar Sicilia. You then begin your walk through a path that lines the old railway line, climbing gradually uphill to Acquaviva Platani. The last part of the path to Sutera, a little gem on the other side of the rock face you see in front of you, is along a stunning ridge. Get lost in the maze of alleys and chalk houses of the Arabic neighbourhood, called Rabato and visit the rich ethnographical museum.

Distance: 4,5 hours, 15 km, 850m total ascent, 820m total descent 

Day 6:    From Sutera to Racalmuto (23 km)

You descend to the bed of the Platani River, ford it and then climb up the other side to Milena; here the path goes up into the hills that surround the village and gives you a panoramic view of all the valleys nearby.

Racalmuto, the destination of the day, is the hometown of the famous writer Leonardo Sciascia.

Distance: 6 hours, 23 km, 920m total ascent, 1080 total descent 

Day 7:    From Racalmuto to Aragona (11,5 km), train to Agrigento

Today, the last day of the walk, you will pass through through the village of Grotte, where life slowly follows the rhythm of the seasons.

A "must do" is to taste the local arancini (fried rice balls filled with ragù, spinach or ham). When you reach Aragona you take the train to Agrigento where you enjoy a free afternoon to explore the old town or the Valley of the Temples.

Distance: 3 hours, 11,5 km, 225m total ascent, 332m total descent 

Day 8:    Arrivederci Agrigento!

Our services end after breakfast (unless you have booked extra nights)

Arrivederci! We wish you a safe trip home


Throughout the trips you stay in 3* (4* hotels in Agrigento), B&B and Agriturismi. All hotels have en suite services, heating and air conditioning. 

Hotel Tonic - Palermo

A *** star hotel located within walking distance from the main sights and attractions of the city, that will allow you to make the most of your time in Palermo.

The hotel has a pleasant vintage feel, a very welcoming staff and very clean rooms. A rich breakfast will make you start your adventure in a good mood.

Hotel Ristorante Leon d'Oro - Corleone

A recently renovated hotel, with finely decorated interiors and wide common spaces. In the middle of the structure lies a big courtyard lined by palm trees.

The swimming pool will offer some relax during the warmest days. All rooms have a balcony and have been decorated by a local artist. 

Ospitalità Diffusa La Casa di Kokalo - Prizzi

This "Ospitalità Diffusa" accommodation allows you to sleep in apartments located right in the ancient Norman town centre.

The owner, our dear friend Totò, will be happy to welcome you and introduce you to his hometown. 

Casale Margherita - Cammarata

A very quiet rural residence, nestled between the Sicani mountains.

You will enjoy the extremely relaxed atmosphere, the slow pace of country life, the spacious swimming pool. An ideal rest on your away to Agrigento!

B&B Piazza - Sutera

Just outside the town centre of Sutera, this is a small B&B (five simple, bright rooms).

Some rooms might have their private bathroom just outside the room. Different kinds of breakfast available according to traveller's preferences. Do not miss the view on the surrounding peaks.  

Hotel Regalpietra - Racalmuto

Right in Racalmuto's centre: the owners have renovated an ancient noble building reconverting it into a hotel dedicated to the town's most famous person: Leonardo Sciascia (writer).

The staff is used to hosting walkers and pilgrims, and will welcome you in the friendly, familiar atmosphere of this place, relaxing before resuming your walk.   

Colleverde Park Hotel - Agrigento

A 4-star hotel that will reward you after your long walk. You will be able to rest in an oasis of tranquillity with ample green spaces, with a view on the Valley of The Temples (some rooms have a view on the archeological site). Enjoy their local food, you have deserved it!

practical info

The nearest airport to Palermo is Palermo Falcone Borsellino airport. You can then reach the center with bus or train. More information on the airport website. 

 The nearest airport to Agrigento is Palermo Falcone Borsellino airport. You can reach Palermo Centro train station with a 2h direct train from Agrigento, and then take a bus or train to the airport. More information on and the airport website. 

The train station nearet to Palermo is Palermo Centrale.

The train station nearest to Agrigento is Agrigento Centrale - connected to Palermo with direct trains, 2h ride 

For further information visit 


What is included

  • Seven nights in double room in ***/** hotels/B&Bs with breakfast
  • Maps and detailed description of the itinerary, App
  • Luggage transportation from hotel to hotel
  • Two transfers (on day 2, 4)
  • Medical and luggage travel insurance
  • 24h phone assistance

What is not included 

  • Transfers to the starting location and from the arriving location of the tour
  • Lunches and dinners, if not otherwise stated.
  • Visits and entrance fees - tips
  • Personal expense
  • Possible sojourn taxes
  • Everything that is not mentioned in the "What is included" section.

Optional Services

  • These services can be added to the ones included in the base price of the tour
  • Single room supplement
  • Half Board supplement
  • Extra nights
  • Transfers to reach the starting location or to leave the arriving location of the tour, which will be quoted on request.
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