Surfer in Algarve in Portugal climbing wooden steps
Surfer in Algarve in Portugal climbing wooden steps

Our Hiking Tours in Portugal

Country of Soft, Slow Life

A country of wild beauty and pristine landscapes, Portugal enchants and dazzles every visitor: one trip is enough to put you under its spell. You will always crave its light and in a way, part of you will always be there.

It’s the perfect destination for a walking trip, especially on the Rota Vicentina: the main ingredients are the wind and the Atlantic Ocean, cliffs and golden beaches, Medieval hamlets and wildflowers.

View of the sea through rocks in Portugal

The air is filled with pungent, salty Oceanic scent and that of thyme and eucalyptus, sand dunes alternate with paths studded with heather bushes.

Portugal Hiking Tours Highlights

  • The oceanic landscape of the Rota Vicentina, with surfer beaches and fishing villages
  • The volcanic islands and their lush vegetation
  • The tropical forests of the Azores and their volcanic lakes
  • Cozy and characteristic accommodations, many with swimming pools
  • The variety of landscapes in Madeira, an island of flowers and volcanoes
  • The Azores and Sao Miguel, the largest island, majestic and perfect for exploring

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Rota Vicentina: the Ocean Way

Between Algarve and Alentejo

A stunning journey along the Atlantic Coast, where dunes meet sheer cliffs; the beaches and coves, overshadowed by steep cliffs, offer heavenly views. But it's the ocean's scent mingling with the aromas of thyme and eucalyptus, amidst a rich variety of Mediterranean flora and fauna, that truly captivates.

Our trip on Rota Vicentina 

Azores and Sao Miguel

The island of whales and volcanoes

This trip takes you to the largest island of the Azores, Sao Miguel - renowned for its incredible environmental diversity and varied landscapes. From Mediterranean scrublands to tea plantations, from the whale-inhabited ocean to vast pastures where cows graze. It's a place begging to be explored on foot, with trails winding through its astonishing nature

Our trip to explore Sao Miguel

Madeira, Flower of Atlantic

Island of flowers and vulcanoes

Repeatedly voted as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Madeira is the perfect place to relish life. From botanical gardens to its rich wine, from laurel forests to majestic peaks, everything here is a tribute to beauty. The best way to enjoy it is by exploring on foot, following the levadas, the island's unique irrigation channels

Explore Madeira

The (not) Portugese Way

From Tui to Santiago

The Portuguese Way starts in Lisbon and ends in Santiago: currently, we offer the last part of the route, which actually unfolds entirely... in Spain. It begins in Tui, on the border with Portugal, and continues through eucalyptus forests and cathedrals, coastal villages, and others known for their hot springs, all the way to Santiago.

We'll soon add the rest of the journey: in the meantime, you can ask us to extend your trip with a few days in Porto, just an hour's drive from Tui.

Walking from Tui to Santiago

A Sustainable Destination

Travelling by nature

Portugal is one of Europe's top destinations for sustainable tourism, boasting 11 of the world's 100 most significant sustainable destinations. It's one of the reasons it's among our favorite destinations - our commitment to the environment is backed by Travelife Certified, the highest Travelife certification - Travelife is a specialized certifying body in tourism.

Read about our commitment here







What's a Self-Guided tour?

Portugal, at your own pace

Most of our trips in Portugal are self-guided, meaning you can enjoy them at your own pace, without a group or guide, but with our logistical support and detailed documentation to guide you at every step. We take care of your luggage to ensure you travel light, book your accommodations, and provide maps and a customized app.

Find out more in this article of our blog

Portugal Hiking FAQs

Which months are recommended for walking in Portugal? 

The best seasons for trekking in Portugal are spring, to enjoy the awakening of nature, and autumn for its vibrant colors. Summers in the inland regions can be quite hot.

What natural scenery will I encounter? 

The Rota Vicentina boasts stunning Atlantic cliffs. The Portuguese Way of Santiago takes you through woods and blooming fields, while the Azores and Madeira offer volcanic landscapes and lush biodiversity.

Are the trails suitable for all walkers? 

The Rota Vicentina is accessible to many, while the Portuguese Way ranges from easy to moderate. The Azores and Madeira have more challenging routes, ideal for those seeking a challenge.

Will I find English speakers during my trip? 

In tourist areas, many people speak English, but in less frequented zones, it's rarer. A little Portuguese can enhance the experience.

What are the accommodations like? 

You will stay in cozy B&Bs, farmhouses, and 3-star hotels, all chosen to provide a comfortable and authentic experience.

Our Portugal Hiking Tours

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