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Via Francigena, the way to Rome

Via Francigena is a walking and cycling route that will allow you to enjoy the most beautiful italian landscapes, far from busy traffic. It is an itinerary that make you discover, slowly, all the beauties the country has to offer.

Each daily stage ends in a city of art, or in smaller centres full of history. Arriving in San Gimignano, Sutri or Pontremoli after a day-long walk definitely has a different flavor compared to just getting there by car…

Walking or cycling here have an added value: the hours that you will spend in nature, immersed in the rural landscape, treading on ancient paths worn by the passage of generations of pilgrims.

Via Francigena is an ancient road - or rather, a bundle of roads- which has been the most known route to Rome since the Middle Age. It has been walked by pilgrims heading towards the places of the apostols’ martyrdom, but also by merchants, soldiers, important characters of art and culture. From the most famous pilgrim -archbishop Sigeric, who left one of the oldest and most authoritative testimonies- to the Grand Tour travelers, who left from Northern Europe and the Alps for an enchanting ”coming of age” travel through Italy.


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