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8 days
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Kattegattleden: Cycling on the Western Swedish Coast - Sweden
Kattegattleden - in bici lungo la costa occidentale svedese
8 days, price from
  € 925

Kattegattleden is Sweden's first national cycling route: it is 395 km long and offers a unqie scenery on the ocean. The itinerary starts in Helsingborg and reaches Goteborg through a winding route following the coast.

You will cycle along a fantastic coast, immersed in nature, with views on stunning sandy beaches, and countless panoramic spots. You will stop in fishermen' villages, fascinating historical cities. You will encounter several cafès and restaurants along the way. 


Day 1   Arrival in Helsingborg

Your trip starts with a first free day in Helsingborg. You will then have the chance to visit this city, an ancient medieval centre on the ocean. You couldn't dream of a better starting point!

Day 2   From Helsingborg to Angelholm - 62 km (49 km)

This section of Kattengattleden offers breathtaking views on Oresund and on the danish coast. After leaving Helsingborg, you will see the Castle of Sofiero and its splendid garden, awarded Best Garden in Europe in 2010. The route then takes you to Hoganas, until reaching the rocky landscapes od Kullahalvon peninsula. From there, the natural reserve of Kullaberg is surely worth a visit. In Hoganas you will find shops with typical local products, and recipes with a unique flavour. We suggest you stop for lunch or for a sampling there, or you can stop for a pic nic on the route. The tour continues on the Kullahalvon peninsula, before reaching the 16th Century town of Angelholm, your destination for today.  

Today's itinerary can be shortened to 49 km

Day 3   From Angelholm to Halmstad (60 km) or variants: 41, 94, 76 km

From Angelholm, Kattegatleden goes on following the coast, cutting through the Bjare peninsula. A gentle uphill will gradually get more challenging, but your efforts will be rewarded by the landscape. The initial modern rural setting will make way for a wilder countryside, an area of cattle breeding since prehistoric times. After an fun downhill stretch along a ridge, you will get to Bastad, from where you will take a train to Halmstad (train ticket not included),

If you prefer to continue cycling from Bastad, you can continue along one of the nicest sandy beaches in Sweden, cycling within the Gullbranna and Tonnersa natural reserves.  

Day 4   From Halmstad to Falkenberg (57 km)

Once you leave Halmstad, you will have the chance to admire and rest on some of Sweden's most loved beaches: Tylosand, Frosakull, Ringenars and Vilsharad. The route then follows eastward connecting with Kustvagen (Coastal Way). Along the path, you wil cross several natural reserves. After Steninge beach however, the scenery will change, and the rocky landscape will turn into a lush countryside. Follow the wind's direction and reach today's destination, Falkenberg.   

Day 5   From Falkenberg to Varberg (39 km)

Cycle through Falkenberg, one of the oldest medieval towns of Halland. On your way once out of the town, you find Apelvike, an attraction for surfers all over the globe. Take your time to visit the Varberg Fortress, and do not miss the chance to shoot a photo at the horizion behind it!

You can then choose whether to cycle uphill, if you are up to a challenge against yourself, or you can visit Societetsparken for a more relaxing option, enjoying your well deserved rest under the shadow of the thriving trees.

Day 6   From Varberg to Kungsbacka (75 km) or variants: 65 or 48 km

North of Varberg, the scenery changes radically as the beaches are replaced by rocky cliffs and the first islands appear at the horizon: Getteron, Balgo and Vendelso. Later, you will encounter a peaceful and pleasant stretch, coasting the ocean and the Asa beaches. We suggest you follow a short detour to visit Tjoloholm Castle, the only Tudor castle in Sweden, before passing from Fjaras Bracka, famous for its hundreds of gravestones. THe route goes one between fields and meadowsm until Kungsbacka, one of the main commercial centres in Western Sweden.

If you wish, it is possible to shorten today's ride (65 km), you can also make it even shorter (48 km) cycling on the Varberg-Asa path and taking a train from Asa to Kungsbacka.

Day 7   From Kungsbacka to Goteborg (62 km) or 41 km

The last stage of your journey runs along the fjord of Kungsbacka. You will meet the village of Saro, where the high society of Goteborg gathered to spend their free time at the beginning on the 20th Century. The route follows through cliffs, lush forests, bays and pictoresque harbours. You can rest for a while by bathing in the ocean!

On the way to Goteborg, you will find Nya Varvet and the Klippan Natural Reserve. Follow on towards Gota Alv until you reach your final destination: the OPera of Goteborg and the Lilla Bommen harbour. Welcome to Goteborg!

You can shorten this stage (41 km) skipping the Onsala peninsula.  

Day 8   Goodbye Goteborg!

Your tour ends after breakfast, unless you wish to book extra nights.

Have a safe trip back home!

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